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A Top Dog in the PPD Powers Division
Zone Nova Praetoria
Coordinates (-5675, 33, -842)
Level Range 1-9
Introduced By Deputy Assistant of Information
Introduces Reese
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
V badge Protesters.png Angry Citizens
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Warrant is a Praetorian contact in the Magesterium neighborhood of Nova Praetoria at coordinates (-5675, 33, -842)..


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

I've got someone I think you should meet.

Reese wants to meet you, Character. It looks like you got his attention.

This contact I've introduced you to can probably move you along down the path you've chosen.


A Top Dog in the PPD Powers Division

One of the most well known cops in Praetoria City, William Smith started as a regular beat cop. When crime started to escalate out of control, he took it upon himself to meet it head on. He modified his gear after every run-in with the lawless terrorists threatening his city. Each battle made him stronger and tougher, until he became a one man police force. He became a celebrity amongst the people of Praetoria City, and was given the nickname 'Warrant' during a TPN news hour. The name stuck.

It wasn't long before he was brought into Powers Division in order to register his customized equipment. Fighting alongside Powers Division taught him a lot and he kept working on his gear, honing it into a deadly instrument of justice. He signed a book deal, fought his way into the Top Dogs, and even guest starred on the popular TPN police drama series, Blue and Gold.

Prior to Introduction

Move along, Character. There's plenty for you to be doing in this city right now instead of chatting with me.

Initial Contact

I'm glad you came to talk, Character. I'm Warrant.

Seems like you're a sudden blip on the media radar, a real shooting star... Well, I hope to keep things that way. I want you in the Top Dogs, where you belong, but unfortunately, it's not up to me. However, I do know how to work the system.


  • Character.
  • Hello, Character

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level


No More Missions

You handle yourself really well, Character. Watch your back out there, you never know who might be gunning for you.


You've taken to this like a fish to water, Character. I knew you had the drive and the strength to be one of us.

Even if Reese wouldn't want you in the Top Dogs, his hand will be forced by the others, or Praetor White to give you a shot. You ever need someone to watch your back, Character, I'm there.

Story Arc

Guns and Money

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Guns and Money

Every so often you catch a repeat of your TPN interviews involving the exposure of Claudia Michaels as a member of the Syndicate and a Resistance sympathizer. You think back to one of your earliest adventures which you fondly refer to as:

Guns and Money.

Warrant, one of Marauder's Top Dogs and a fellow member of the Powers Division, informed you that he wanted to help you rise through the Powers Division ranks. To do so, he suggested that you move into the public eye by stopping a Resistance instigated riot down in South Aetna. After stopping the riot, however, you learned that the Resistance had planned the entire thing to distract the PPD from their true target: Novahold Storage in North Aetna.

With no time to lose you raced to Novahold to stop the Resistance Raid, but arrived only in time to corner and question a man by the name of Akimbo. After interrogating him he told you that the Resistance forces planned on using the stolen weapons in an attack on Gravatech Labs.

You got to Gravatech before the Resistance had arrived and got busy setting up the facility so that the coming battle would best serve your own interests. With the security cameras rolling, everyone in Praetoria would soon see the newest rising star in the Powers Division. When the attack came it came in force. Despite their numbers and the carnage inflicted upon the clockwork operating the facility, you managed to take down the Resistance forces and apprehend their leader, a man named Screwdriver. In Screwdriver's possession was a Syfotine Industries data storage device containing data from the Gravatech Labs computers. Never one to turn down a challenge that would make you appear even more praise worthy, you returned to Warrant to cook up a plan on how best to make use of the situation.

Together you decided that having the PPD raid Syfotine Industries and soften up the Resistance inside would be the best course of action, and it worked in spades. Not only did you make short work of the Resistance and Syndicate forces allied inside, but you also got to save quite a few PPD officers, which did a great deal to improve your public image.

With Claudia Michaels, Syfotine's CTO, exposed as a member of the Syndicate and a Resistance sympathizer, you were heralded as a hero of the city and snagged an uninterupted hour of interviews with TPN news personalities. With your status growing, the eyes of Marauder's Top Dogs have turned to you and the promise of even greater power is at your fingertips.

Part One: Demonstration of Power


Do you know how I got into Powers Division, Character?

I made myself belong.

It sounds simple, but it wasn't easy. It took a lot of hard work on my part to make sure that I stood out from the rest of the officers, not to mention the powered individuals who didn't need fancy technology to give them an edge.

But strength is only one side of the scales. Look at my armor; it's got style, it draws the attention of the masses, it's signature.

I look at you and I see greatness ready to spring forth. I want to help you realize your full potential. So what do you say, let me help you rise to greatness.

  • Work with Warrant

What's in it for me? Heh, I won't lie, I want to see you rise as high as you can... higher than Reese; Powers Division's current golden boy.

Don't let his cocky attitude fool you, he's as tough as he thinks he is, and twice as treacherous. I want to see him fall. Unfortunately, I just don't have the strength, but I think you do.

First step, you need to get in the lime light and get noticed. Luckily I know the perfect opportunity to do so. There's a riot going on in South Aetna right now and the PPD are busy containing it. It's very likely that the Resistance are the instigators behind the riot. If you were to swoop in and take out the leadership the riot would crumble and you would be an instant celebrity.

I called in a favor from some of the PPD officers I used to work with and I got a PPD van waiting to take you into the hot zone covertly, that way you maximize the surprise of your arrival.

Stop the Resistance demonstration

Unnecessary Solicitation

The riot isn't going to last all day. Go meet Officer Bassam over in the PPD HQ motorpool, he's the driver of the PPD van that will take you to the hot zone.

Contact Small Officer Bassam.jpg
Officer Bassam


Warrant sent you to deal with the riot, huh? Just let me know when you're ready and I'll drive you over there.

  • I'm ready.

Mission Objective(s)


While the PPD do the grunt work of containing the riot you move in to seek out its heart, and steal all the glory.

  • Stop the Resistance demonstration.
    • Defeat Resistance Leader.

You've scattered the rioters by taking out the Resistance leadership. However, you've learned that the entire riot was merely a distraction to draw attention away from the Resistance's true objective, Novahold Storage.

Riots in South Aetna


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
V badge Protesters.png Angry Citizens


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

Angry Citizens Dialogue 

Protestor: No more emperor!
Protestor: Yeah, step down from the throne!
Protestor: Down!
Protestor: With!
Protestor: Tyrant!

Protestor: Shut up!

Resistance Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Veteran: ...keep your saucers wide, we're gonna scamp soon

Combat Start:

Veteran: Blueberry...
Veteran: No, big blueberry incoming!

Before Combat:

Resistance Recruit: This is rubbish. We should be slammin' Novahold with the others.

Combat Start:

Resistance Recruit: Oh no...

Before Combat:

PPD Enforcer: Take 'em down!
Resistance Recruit: Blue sky, cherry pie!

Bottleneck Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Bottleneck: Alright, we've got their peepers on us now. Everybody get ready to scamp back to the hidey-hole.

Combat Start:

Bottleneck: Great, Powers Division.
Bottleneck: Scamp him / her!

Balloon.png Camera flashes and the questions of TPN news personalities follow you as you leave the scene of the dwindling riot. But time is short, and the lure of an even greater chance to show the adoring public how heroic you are is too good to pass up.
Icon clue generic.png
Novahold Raid
According to the resistance leader responsible for orchestrating the riot, he was under orders from his boss, Akimbo, to draw PPD attention away from the true objective; Novahold Storage.

Nobody else is aware of the Novahold raid that is about to commence, so if you were to swoop in and save the day, the lime light would be on you, and you alone.

Part Two: Stop Novahold Raid

Unnecessary Solicitation

A distraction in order to raid Novahold? Does anyone else know about this? Now's your chance to really make a big impact. Stop the raid on Novahold yourself and you'll be a hero.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: N_Warehouse_30_Layout_01_04

Not a PPD officer in sight and the Resistance aren't aware of your presence. Time to earn some fame and glory.

  • Stop Novahold Raid
    • Find what the Resistance is here for.
    • Locate Akimbo

You took down the tail end of the Resistance raid on Novahold Storage. It appears that the majority got away with a slew of hi-tech weapons, but you found out that they are heading to Gravatech Labs next.


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

Notable NPCS


The crate contains nothing more than spare parts for machinery.
This crate doesn't seem to be filled with anything of value to the Resistance.

The crate appears to have already been opened. Inside there is a hard plastic lining that is molded to hold some sort of heavy firearm or cannon.
This crate used to contain several heavy weapons... But where have they disappeared to?

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After finding the crate, you are ambushed by 3 waves of Resistance.
Icon clue generic.png
Smudged Paint
The label painted onto the side of this crate appears to have been smudged before it fully dried. Beneath it you can just make out an ARD (Advanced Research and Development) label.
Icon clue generic.png
Weapons Crate
This crate was forced opened by the Resistance, and the contents taken. From the depressions in the formed plastic inserts left inside it looks like this crate was storing some extremely heavy firearms, possibly military grade hardware from back during the Hamidon Wars. The reason the Resistance is after the weapons is clear, but what would outlawed military grade weapons be doing here in Novahold Storage?

Heavy Barrels Ambush Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Mondo: Hey, you lookin' for this?

Combat Start:

Mondo: I got a little somethin' fer ya!

Before Combat:

Knockout: I'm chompin' for ya!

Combat Start:

Knockout: I glimpse you, power pup!

Before Attack:

Arsenal: Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Combat Start:

Arsenal: It's bang-thirty!

Akimbo Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Akimbo: Get the last of the stuff and lets scamp!

Combat Start:

Akimbo: Come and get it, slammer!

75% Health:

Akimbo: Uff, nice one, chompy!

50% Health:

Akimbo: Ouch!
Akimbo: Ugh... Alright, enough!

Contact Small Akimbo.jpg


You're too late, mind slave. We smuggled out dozens of those sweet slam-cannons. I bet you're ponderizing what Novahold is doing sneak-keeping such serious pow-pow blasterizers, huh?

  • The thought had occurred...
Best to ask papy-Cole about that. You sure you want to lift that rock and lick what's crawling under it?
  • Doesen't matter, where did they take them?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (A)
  • I could care less, where did they take the weapon? (A)
Like I'd tattle.
  • I could break your hands...
... Alright, alright, I'll spit it for ya. They took 'em to some rally point under Elysium Avenue. They're gonna assemble a team and raid Gravatech.
  • Thanks.
  • (Break Akimbo's Hand)

Akimbo Dialogue 

Akimbo: *S-SNAP!* Aaaaauuugggh!!
Akimbo: My hand... You broke my hand!

... Alright, alright, I'll spit it for ya. They took 'em to some rally point under Elysium Avenue. They're gonna assemble a team and raid Gravatech.
  • Thanks.
  • (Break Akimbo's other hand) Thanks.

Akimbo Dialogue 

Akimbo: *Ssss-SNAP!* Gah... Aaaah!
Akimbo: I told you what you wanted!
Akimbo: Why did you break my other hand?

I told you what you wanted!
Why did you break my other hand?!
  • I wanted to see if you could talk like a normal person... Imagine that, you can.

Icon clue generic.png
Gravatech Labs
After asking Akimbo nicely he informed you that the Resistance plans on using the weapons they'd stolen from Novahold Storage to raid Gravatech Labs.
Part Three: Ambush Resistance in Gravatech Labs

Unnecessary Solicitation

Sounds like the Resistance is moving quickly. Well you need to move faster. Get into Gravatech Labs before they arrive and set up an ambush for them. You stop them cold, when nobody is the wiser, and the people will love you.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tech_30_Layout_06_01

It looks like you arrived well ahead of the Resistance. Now to set the place up to show off your warm welcome for the uninvited guests.

  • Ambush Resistance in Gravatech Labs.
    • Talk to Professor Hope.
    • Defeat Resistance Assault Teams

You annihilated the attacking Resistance assault teams and saved Gravatech Labs from having their labs destroyed as well as their valuable data stolen... by the Resistance.


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork

Notable NPCS

Contact Small Professor Hope.jpg
Professor Hope


How can I help you sir / ma'am?

  • This facility is about to be raided by a Resistance strike team...

By the emperor's brow!

We should alert...

  • No. I need you to do exactly as I say.

Oh... Uhm, very well. How can I help?

  • Security cameras. I need you to have them record everything I do once the Resistance arrives.

Security cameras? Very well, that's trivial.

There, done, if the security system detects intruders then the cameras will focus on you...

  • Great, now, just stand back and let me do what I do best.

Are you sure I shouldn't call the police...

  • Shut it doc, they're coming. Just do what I said and everything will go smoothly.

Skip Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Skip: In and out, five minutes, go, go, go!

Combat Start:

Skip: Swivel-necks, we've got goldielocks!

Heavy Barrels Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Heavy Barrel: You heard Skip, they've got some smashy-smash!

Combat Start:

Heavy Barrel: Swiss this cheese!

Before Combat:

Heavy Barrel: This hole is crowded!

Combat Start:

Heavy Barrel: Chugga-wugga!
Heavy Barrel: Here comes the pain train!

Resistance Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Resistance Recruit: Lets scrimslam this chompcham.
Resistance Recruit: Go!

Combat Start:

Resistance Recruit: Turn this chomperuskie / chompette into a corpse!

Before Combat:

Resistance Recruit: Wolverines!
Resistance Recruit: W...what?
Resistance Recruit: Really?
Resistance Recruit: Wolverines?

Before Combat:

Resistance Recruit: Ventilate him / her!
Resistance Recruit: Get that power pellet!

Combat Start:

Resistance Recruit: Drop and roll!
Resistance Recruit: Attack!

Screwdriver Dialogue 

Before Combat

Screwdriver: Shoot anything in white!

Combat Start

Screwdriver: C'mon, let's shine this shamrock!

75% Health:

Screwdriver: Scamp or you'll get chomped, mindwash!

50% Health:

Screwdriver: Grraaaah!

25% Health:

Screwdriver: You'll... Pay!

Icon clue generic.png
Data Storage Device
You found a Syfotine Industries data storage device on Screwdriver. From the data inside it would appear that the Resistance was looking to steal some of Gravatech's research data on their latest commercial hovertech engine. But what good would this information do them?


Flawless. Seriously, flawless. First you single-handedly quell the riot, then you disappear in a rush, spawning a rumormill amongst the press. The PPD responds to a break-in at Novahold Storage, but when they got there they just find Resistance strewn all over the place, thanks to your handiwork. And finally, you thwart an attack on Gravatech Labs that nobody even knew was happening.

I admit it, I'm impressed. Powers Division is buzzing about you, and so is the public.

But this latest situation makes me wonder; what could the Resistance want with Gravatech's latest hovertech engine... and what are they doing with a Syfotine Industries model 990 data storage device? I have a feeling that the rabbit you've been chasing lives in a much deeper hole than you realize, Character.

Part Four: Path to Glory

Mission Briefing

My guess is that the Resistance are working with someone in Syfotine Industries, but to what end I can't put my finger on. I think it's good you came to me before charging off to Syfotine Industries, who knows what is really going on down there.

We need to think on this a bit first, make sure you don't bite off more than you can handle.

Discuss options with Warrant

I have a few ideas, but I want to hear yours as well. We've got to act fast though, the PPD may learn what we do about Syfotine Industries and then they could steal your thunder.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Let's hear what you have to say.

Contact Small Warrant.jpg


The way I see it, if you just rush off to Syfotine Industries you're probably going to walk into more than you can handle.

  • Send the PPD in first
Oh, that's a good idea. But that could end up burning you later, especially if it's more than they can handle.
  • We need a way to anonymously tip them off.
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (A)
  • Why don't you come with me?
No, that'd be a bad idea. I'd steal your thunder. They know me, they'd figure you were just helping me out.
  • Well, how about the PPD, then?
That's a better idea. But... it could end up burning you later, especially if it's more than they can handle.
  • We need a way to anonymously tip them off. (A)
I know just how to do that. The PPD responds rapidly to any Seer reports of crime in progress, generally because it is of a violent nature.
But in addition, I know a Seer who has a hard time filtering thoughts from voices. You plant the idea in her head that something is going on in Syfotine Industries and nobody will be able to sift a memory of you out of the soup in her head.
  • Sounds good, then I can swoop in and not only stop the bad guys, but save the PPD as well.
Sounds like a solid plan.

Icon clue generic.png
Seer 0511
According to Warrant, Seer 0511 is a little loopy. She tends to vocalize a lot of the thoughts she picks up, but a directed question at her will result in a swift answer.

She'll be perfect since nobody will be able to determine if she picked up some telltale thought about the illegal activity in Syfotine, or if someone directly told her.

Visit Seer 0511

Unnecessary Solicitation

Remember, Seer 0511 is a bit more detached than the other Seers. You can tell her exactly what to report and she wouldn't notice that it didn't come from her own mind.

Contact Small Seer 0511.jpg
Seer 0511


...I just love the way Enriche tastes, don't you?
...We have a meeting in thirty minutes, make sure to read the report on...
...Kevin, do these pants make me look fat?

  • Resistance. Syfotine Industries. Forced Entry. Innocents in danger. Gunfire.

...Don't roll your eyes at me...

Attention Network: This is Seer 0511. Syfotine Industries requires immediate PPD response. Resistance forces have occupied the building. Innocents are in danger. Gunfire has been reported.

...Mom, I don't want to log in to school today, can't I play Guardians of Praetoria online today with Jonny? We're almost level...

  • Good girl.

Notable NPCS

Part Five: Save Syfotine Industries

Unnecessary Solicitation

The PPD have already responded and have arrived in Syfotine Industries. They're reporting meeting heavy resistance.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tech_45_Layout_04_01

You step over PPD officers and past walls riddled full of holes from assault weapons. Looks like it's up to you to save the day.

  • Save Syfotine Industries
    • Defeat Resistance Leader.
    • Defeat Syndicate Leader

You took down a cell of heavily armed Resistance terrorists and uncovered a dangerous plot masterminded by the Chief Technology Officer of Syfotine Industries, Claudia Michaels. All that remains is to answer a few questions for TPN and give the adoring populace some face time with their new favorite Powers Division member, Character.


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCS

Resistance Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Veteran: ...nice face plant, doughboy

Before Combat:

Resistance Recruit: Cleanerbot, where'd you dracula in from?
Resistance Recruit: ...and then she said, 'Chomp this, killer bee!' and blamo, gears and parts exploded from the clockwork's head!
Resistance Recruit: That reverberates like Ricochet alright.

Combat Start:

Resistance Recruit: Whoa, stop the clock it's time to rock!
Resistance Recruit: Go for the cookie jar!

Before Combat:

Resistance Recruit: I need me the boom-booms!
Resistance Recruit: They holidayed it to him, embrace it, man.
Resistance Recruit: It's a cheat, slammer.

Combat Start:

Resistance Recruit: Powers Division and no ringy-dingies?
Resistance Recruit: This is all sideways!
Resistance Recruit: You have got to be jabbin' me!
Resistance Recruit: Use that slammunition!

Before Combat:

Heavy Barrel: Just let them come.

Combat Start:

Heavy Barrel: You ready to get corpsed, Character?

Ramirez Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Ramirez: ...that's correct ma'am, they're all neutralized.

Combat Start:

Ramirez: ...scratch that, all but one, I'll call you back.

Icon clue generic.png
Stolen Guns
You found a significant number of the stolen weapons from Novahold Storage. Rather than risk them falling into the wrong hands you destroyed them. Plus, it's a much more dramatic way to tell the story when the press questions you later.

Traffic and Showers Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Showers: You idiots were tracked here...
Traffic: We thought we slithered shadow-style...
Showers: No, it doesn't matter what you 'thought', you've jeopardized everything!

Combat Start:

Traffic: Rata-tat-tat-time!
Showers: Kill Character and anyone else who might be with him / her!

Icon clue generic.png
Resistance and Syndicate Team Up
It's fairly clear that the Resistance and the Syndicate are working together. Not only that, but they seem to have the run of the place.

Syndicate Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Brawler Initiate: ...they're gutter scum.
Brawler Initiate: I say we let 'em rot.
Brawler Initiate: Cool that temper or you may find yourself as road ronin.

Combat Start:

Brawler Initiate: I told you, they betrayed us!
Brawler Initiate: Now's not the time...

Claudia Michaels Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Claudia Michaels: ...a job well done, and as promised, the weapons are yours to keep.

Combat Start:

Claudia Michaels: Who dares intrude!?

Icon clue generic.png
Strange Negotiations
You discovered that the Resistance has been working for Claudia Michaels and the Syndicate this entire time. The riot, the theft of the weapons at Novahold Storage, and their use in the attack on Gravatech Labs; all of it was masterminded by the Claudia, the CTO of Syfotine Industries.

You aren't sure how far the Syndicate has influence up the corporate chain at Syfotine, but needless to say, a full scale investigation will be in order, and that means headlines!

Point Blank Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Point Blank: ...dot the eyes, whole grain...

Combat Start:

Point Blank: Make like a shark!

Balloon.png You spend the next hour or so being interviewed by TPN reporters, endlessly rehashing your daring efforts to expose Claudia Michaels, the Chief Technology Officer of Syfotine Industries, as a member of the Syndicate. You also reveal her plot to ally with the Resistance and destroy one of her company's competitors, Gravatech Labs.

With the flash of cameras and the cheer of the assembled crowd you excuse yourself, claiming that your good deeds are needed elsewhere.


Bravo, Character. I don't think I've seen the crowd worked as well since Reese took center stage, or since the golden days of Cole fighting on the front lines against the Devouring Earth.

Big things are in store for you. The Top Dogs have sat up and taken notice, and Reese wants to see how much of your power is real, and how much of it is flair. It may be easy to impress the masses, but Reese is a much more accurate judge of power, I hope you can stand up to his scrutiny.