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Epic Archetypes (EATs) are archetypes that are related to the storyline in some way and thus have special content and contacts relating to them. VEATs (villain epic archetypes) and HEATs (hero epic archetypes) both have a wide selection of powers, allowing for a wide variety of playstyles and strategies, making them extremely versatile. Epic Archetypes are unlocked by having a VIP subscription or purchasing the individual unlock licenses on the Paragon Market. Premium Players who had unlocked either EAT set before City of Heroes Freedom launched may or may not retain the unlock without having to purchase the licenses on the Paragon Market.

Current Epic Archetypes

Hero Epic Archetypes

There are two epic archetypes available as heroes, collectively known as Kheldians.

Kheldians must start as heroes, but can fall from grace the same as any other archetype. Both types have access to two non-human forms, allowing both archetypes to switch between different forms as required depending on combat situations. Due to inherent access to travel powers, the Power Pools Flight and Teleportation are unavailable for both archetypes.

Villain Epic Archetypes

There are two epic archetypes available as villains, collectively known as Soldiers of Arachnos (not to be confused with Arachnos Soldiers).

Soldiers of Arachnos must start as villains, but can redeem themselves the same as any other archetype. After starting out as "Wolf Spider", at level 24 the Arachnos Soldier can choose from Bane Spider Soldier or Crab Spider Soldier. Similarly at the same level, the Arachnos Widow, or "Blood Widow", can choose from Fortunata Training or Night Widow Training.

Possible Future Epic Archetypes

In addition to the Epic Archetypes currently in the game, there are a number that have been mentioned in the past. The status of these is currently unknown; they may eventually make it into the game or they may have been canceled with no word from the developers.

Canceled Epic Archetypes

These Epic Archetypes were planned to be in the game but since then have been confirmed by the developers as having been canceled.

  • Avilans were going to be a race of winged humanoids, but were canceled when winged costume options for all characters were shown to be possible.
  • Nictus were originally going to be the Villain Epic Archetype (giving them a direct copy of the Hero's Kheldians), but were canceled in favor of the Soldiers of Arachnos. [2]
  • Incarnates were originally planned as an epic archetype, but it was decided to implement them instead as an endgame system that all existing archetypes could participate in.

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