Hard Luck

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Hard Luck
Hard Luck.jpg
Casino Enforcer
Zone St. Martial
Coordinates (-2133, -160, 2120)
Level Range 30-34
Introduced By == Broker ==
Ian the Shark
Isabel the Knife
Introduces == Level 35-39 ==
Basse Croupier
Enemy Groups

V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge villain carnival.png Carnival of Shadows
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain council.png Council
Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo
Badges V badge StatureBadge6.png Bad Luck
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Hard Luck is a villain contact in the Babylon neighborhood of St. Martial at coordinates (-2133, -160, 2120). Hard Luck is a Natural origin contact. His level range is 30-34. He is located inside the Golden Giza Casino.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

I got someone who wants to meetcha.

Level 35-39

Basse Croupier used to be an up-and-coming crooner, once upon a time. He hit a big streak of bad luck which ended his career. Johnny Sonata offered him a job as a pit-boss at the Golden Giza, and now he's loyal as they come. If Basse has something for you to do, you know that it's because Johnny wants it done. He can get you Natural and Technology Enhancements.

Basse won't steer you wrong. Oh, and his name is pronounced 'Bay-see'. He'll never correct you on it, though. He's funny that way.


Casino Enforcer

A few big winners are good for the casino's press, but when too many people start winning, profits take a hit. That's when Hard Luck comes in -- to hit back. Hard Luck will do whatever it takes to break the lucky streaks of people chipping away at the casino's profits. He's not afraid to get dirty, and he feels no remorse for the people he hurts. After all, they should know that the house always wins.

Prior to Introduction

You and me, we don't know each other. You want to talk to some brokers, maybe that can change. They're on the map.

Initial Contact

The name's Hard Luck, and that's just what I bring. You stick with me, and we'll make sure no one goes home happy. That sounds all right to you?


  • Hope you're ready to get your hands dirty.
  • I got work for ya.
  • So you're back.

Too Busy

You're too busy to work for me.

No More Missions

We've got nothing more to say to each other.


  • Inspirations
  • Level 30 Natural/Technology Dual Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

Ok, you've done a good job here, and I can respect ya. Even help ya. You can call me, ok? Just don't get on my nerves.

  • Level 30 Natural Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

We work good together, huh, Character? Stick with me, and we'll be making big money in no time! Money you can spend on the best Enhancements!

  • Level 35 Natural Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

Badge Mission

The Unlucky artifact


I've got a hot situation on my hands, Character. There's a high roller in the casino who's been throwing sevens all night. He's too important to threaten, and way too important to kill, so we gotta break his luck another way. I've heard of a mystic who has some sort of lucky talisman. Or unlucky talisman, rather. It's an artifact that brings bad luck to all around the owner. We gotta get that artifact, Character. And by we, I mean you. Now, the guy carrying the Blood of Xiang Xi may try to run. If he gets away, this job'll be a failure.

  • Get the unlucky artifact

Way I hear it, this guy lives out in the Flop. Get down there, get the artifact, and bring it back to me.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I need that artifact!

Mission Objective(s)

These caves are chill and damp.

  • Steal artifact from Tavaris
    • Don't let Tavaris escape

Failure - Tavaris escaped with the Blood of Xiang Xi.
Success - You retrieved the Blood of Xiang Xi.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Icon clue generic.png
Blood of Xiang Xi
This glass vial is clouded with age, but you can discern a few drops of blood within it, still bright and liquid. According to Hard Luck, this unlucky talisman should bring bad luck to all those around the owner.

Notable NPCs


Successful completion of this mission earns a villain the Accomplishment Bad Luck Badge.

File:V badge StatureBadge6.png Bad Luck

You and Hard Luck recovered a mystical amulet designed to jinx everyone around the wearer.

Tavaris dialogue 

Attempting to flee:

I will not be robbed of my talisman!

Before combat:

I refuse to dispose of the Blood. You will simply have to learn to divert the bad luck.

Combat start:

Who is that? Is that Character?

Debriefing: Mission Failure:

Nice. Tavaris escapes, the Blood of Xiang Xi is gone, and Mr. Money Bags keeps chipping away at our profits. Good one, Character. Maybe you'd like a job working for the heroes.

Debriefing: Mission Success:

Great. I'll be sure to hang out in the casino when Mr. Money Bags is playing his next game of craps. This ought to have him throwing some snake eyes.

Story Arc

Breaking the Streak

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 4 Reward Merits.

Souvenir: Luckless' Lucky Chip

You took this two dollar chip of the Freak's Luckless after you defeated him. It's a reminder of the little adventure you like to call:

Breaking the Streak

It began with a tip from Hard Luck. A member of the Freakshow was having remarkable success with the slot machines, and Hard Luck wanted his luck changed. You took to the streets and beat down Freaks until you learned the location of Luckless' hideout.

You went after him, but Luckless had already made his escape. You did, however, encounter a strange machine which gave you a solid chock when you tried to examine it.

Hard Luck put his ear to the ground, and learned that Luckless had sought refuge among the Carnival of Shadows. You didn't have a problem clearing a path through them. When you took down Luckless, he confessed his plot. Electrical bombardment at the hands of Crey Industries had granted him the ability to influence the slots' outcome. He had used the machine in his hideout to periodically recharge his abilities.

It's hard to say what Hard Luck and his goons have done with Luckless. But it's safe to assume that Freak won't be coming back to the Golden Giza.

Find out where Luckless is staying


I've got a Freaky problem, Character. It seems there's a member of the Freakshow who keeps winning at slots. We're not sure how he's doing it, but I've got to get it stopped. So here's what you're going to do. You're going to take to the streets and take down Freaks until you find out where this Freak, Luckless, is staying. Get it?

  • Find out where Luckless is staying

This guy's cleaned over 500 K from the machines already. We got to take him down. You should be able to get some tips on his hideout in Double Down.

Unnecessary solicitation

I need that Freak's address, comprendes?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Seek hideout in St. Martial
    • Defeat 10 Freakshow

One of the Freaks you defeated whined, 'Ok, ok, I'll tell you where Luckless hangs out. You don't have ta be so mean about it!


Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

Icon clue generic.png
The Freak's story
One of the Freaks you defeated whined, 'Ok, ok, I'll tell you where Luckless hangs out. You don't have ta be so mean about it!


Okedoke. We got the location of Luckless' base. Now you gotta take him down.

Defeat Luckless


All right, we know where Luckless makes his bed. Now all you need to do is get over there, bring him to his knees, and make sure he never sets foot in the Golden Giza again. Got it?

  • Defeat Luckless

See if you can figure out how he's making so much money off the slots. They're supposed to be rigged in our favor!

Unnecessary solicitation

Luckless has a lesson to learn.

Mission Objective(s)

This Freakshow hideout smells of axle grease and body odor.

  • Seek Luckless
    • Learn Luckless' methods

You have learned something of Luckless' methods, but Luckless himself is missing!


Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
The shock of a lifetime
While investigating a machine deep within Luckless' hideout, you received a terrible electric shock. You're beginning to develop a few theories about Luckless' remarkable success with the slot machines.


Well, you sure look like you took a walk on the wild side. Got quite a shock from Luckless' machine, eh? I think I've got an idea how he's skewing the odds in his favor. Let's see if we can track him down.

Take down Luckless


It wasn't easy, but I managed to track down Luckless. The moron thought he could hide from Giza security by seeking shelter from the Carnival. Big mistake. The Carnival's been in our pocket for years. You take down Luckless, and you'll be on easy street.

  • Take down Luckless

That boy has got to go down!

Unnecessary solicitation

I'm waiting for news of Luckless' defeat.

Mission Objective(s)

You hear a high-pitched giggle, followed by a deep bellow of laughter.

  • Defeat Luckless and his guards

You have defeated Luckless, and learned his secret!


Badge villain carnival.png Carnival of Shadows
Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Luckless' story
When you defeated Luckless, he gasped:

'I'll tell you my secret, ok? Just don't hurt me! Not too long ago I was kidnapped by Crey. They bombarded me with electric current; it gave me this sweet hair-do, yeah? Anyway, when I broke free, I found that I could manipulate the slot machines. I could make them do my will!

Ever since them, I've been getting regular shocks to keep my power up. It's been a great ride!"

Luckless dialogue 

Before Combat:

So, you ladies really think I've got star quality?

Combat Start:

Hey! Who told you I was here?


So, Luckless was using his stored electrical current to influence the slot machines. Good thing ya caught him. Otherwise, we'd be out a pretty penny. Here's your reward, Character. Don't go reading anything into it. You earned it, but I'm still out for the casino and no one else. Mess with us, and I'll mess you up right back.


Get Lucky Dragon's beard


So, Character, is it? Never heard of ya. Now, don't get touchy. We here in St. Martial see a lot of action. You help us out, and I can cut you in for a piece of it.

To start off, we've got ourselves a Tsoo warrior up to no good in the Golden Giza. He's cleared six hundred G's at craps this week alone. Now, I don't know that he's cheating, and I don't much care. The point is to send a message. Let people know that if you mess with the casino, the casino messes with you. I want you to get Lucky Dragon's beard.

  • Get Lucky Dragon's beard

This will send a message to everyone who thinks they can get rich off the Golden Giza. Got it?

Unnecessary solicitation

I want Lucky Dragon's beard as a trophy. Understood?

Mission Objective(s)

This Dragon's luck is about to run out.

  • Beat Lucky Dragon & his guards
    • Cut off Lucky Dragon's beard

You have defeated Lucky Dragon and cut off his beard as a trophy.


Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo

Icon clue generic.png
Lucky Dragon's beard
At Hard Luck's request, you cut off the beard of the Tsoo warrior, Lucky Dragon. It will serve as a trophy to remind people of what happens if they get on the wrong side of the Golden Giza.

Notable NPCs

Lucky Dragon dialogue 

Before combat: "I'm telling you, luck is everything!"

Combat start: "Well, well. Look who wants a taste of the Dragon."


Nice beard, Character. Snazzy. When I show this around, people will get the message. You don't try to put one over on the Golden Giza, not ever. If you like your reward, stick around. There's more money to be made for those who know which side their bread is buttered on.

Save Hard Luck's brother


I've got a personal problem I'd like some help with. My brother just called. He's been working with the Council since way back, since they were under their previous leadership. Anyway, he told me something great was about to happen for him. And I need you to stop it.

What am I saying? Well, Character, it's pretty simple. I'm not called Hard Luck for nothin'. Every time it seems like something's about to go right in my life, it goes wrong. I know something bad's going to happen to my kid brother. You have to save him.

  • Save Hard Luck's brother

You come through, you'll get paid well. And I'll make sure Kenny gives you any inside Council info he's got.

Unnecessary solicitation

My kid brother's in trouble, Character. You don't get him out, so are you.

Mission Objective(s)

You have the feeling of some dark presence watching you.

  • Save Hard Luck's brother
    • Escort Kenny out

You have rescued Hard Luck's brother.


Badge villain council.png Council

Notable NPCs

  • Galaxy Archon
  • Kenny Luciano (NPC Ally, Pet-rank, must be escorted to exit, must survive)


After rescuing Kenny Luciano, there will be an ambush by Council. They will be silent, so you will have no warning.

Kenny Luciano & Council dialogue 

Before Combat:

Kenny Luciano: Look, guys. I appreciate the opportunity and all. But I don't want to be a War Wolf!
Random Council minion: Shut up, Ken. It's decided.
Galaxy Archon: Arakhn has chosen her recruits. There's no choice in the matter.

Combat Start:

Random Council minion: You shouldn't interfere with the Council.
Kenny Luciano: Hey. You get me out of here and my brother will pay you big time!

Upon rescue:

Kenny Luciano: I got to get out of here.

If lost, and refound:

Kenny Luciano: Good thing you came back for me.

Upon reaching entrance:

Kenny Luciano: Thanks for this, Character. I'm sure my brother will pay you well.

Icon clue generic.png
Kenny's story
When you rescued Hard Luck's brother from the Council, he told you:

'Boy, am I glad you showed up! I was told I'd been singled out for promotion. I thought, good deal! About time! But then I learned I wasn't going to be an Archon. Uh uh. I was going to be a War Wolf! They were going to use a Nictus Fragment to change me into a beast.'

Debriefing: Mission Success

My kid brother's safe, thanks to you. I can't guarantee that he'll stay that way, after all, being near me usually means a heavy dose of rotten luck. But at least he's got a chance.

Silence the programmer


All right, Character. I've got a serious situation here. The video poker machines at the Giza... well, they're not always, how would you put it? Honest. They skew the odds a little in our favor, see? Problem is, the programmers who made the games know it, and one of them's threatening to talk. You know what that means, Character: You got to shut him up.

  • Silence the programmer

This guy's been looking for protection from the Freakshow. Fortunately, you know how to deal with them.

Unnecessary solicitation

I need that geek on ice.

Mission Objective(s)

The Freaks have never been smart about picking their friends.

  • Kidnap the programmer

You kidnapped Ziegler!


Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After kidnapping Martin Ziegler, there will be an ambush by Freakshow.

Martin Ziegler dialogue 

Before Combat:

Martin Ziegler: I hear the Giza's got it in for me now that I talked!
Tank Swiper: Oh, be quiet. No one's gonna mess with us.

Combat Start:

Martin Ziegler: Oh, no! They sent Character!
Tank Swiper: Hey! This is our hacker!

Upon 'rescue':

Martin Ziegler: I'm sorry I squealed! Please, don't take me back to Hard Luck! He's crazy!

If lost:

Martin Ziegler: Heh. I'll just mosey on this way.

If refound:

Martin Ziegler: Nooo!

Upon reaching entrance:

Martin Ziegler: Please! I'm telling you! He'll kill me!


I'll take care of Ziegler. Rest assured, he won't be babbling the Giza's secrets any longer. You did a good job, Character, and I won't forget it. You're exactly the kind of material I like to work with: quick, efficient, and ruthless.

Eliminate the oversight office


The Family's got problems, Character. Big ones. See, Arachnos expects a certain kickback in exchange for protection here on the Rogue Isles. Problem is, the Giza's been pulling in a little more money than we've let on. Now one of the Arachnos oversight offices has found about it, and there's definitely going to be fallout. The only way to fix this is to work fast. Eliminate that oversight office. You only have 45 minutes to wipe out everyone there.

  • Eliminate the oversight office

Everyone has to go down.

Unnecessary solicitation

You haven't got much time, Character. If you don't move quick, the Family stands to lose a lot.

Mission Objective(s)

Beating up on Arachnos personnel is a dangerous, if diverting, pastime.

  • Defeat all operatives in base - 45:00

You eliminated the entire oversight office.


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Arachnos dialogue 

Before Combat:

Arachnos minion 1: Lord Recluse won't be pleased when he learns the Family has cheated him of his rightful tribute.
Arachnos minion 2: He had to expect it, though, right?

Combat Start:

Arachnos minion 1: It's one of the Family's thugs!


You've managed to keep a lid on the situation, for now at least. Arachnos will never hear about the Family's extra profits, and that means they can keep them. It also means more jobs for you, Character. You're someone we can really depend on.

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