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Endurance is one of the key characteristics used in the CoX universe. All player characters and opponents have Endurance.

Endurance represents the amount of energy a character has to conduct actions. It slowly recovers over time but is diminished by using powers. It may also be drained by enemies using certain powers, indicated by -Endurance or -End in the power's effects.

All player characters start with a maximum of 100 Endurance. Through set bonuses, Temporary Powers and Accolades, this maximum can be increased, as can the ongoing recovery rate of endurance. A character can never have more than their maximum endurance - any boost (either over time or instant) that would put them over their maximum is capped to their maximum, and the rest is wasted.

The Numbers

A player character's endurance bar fills up from zero to 100% in 60 seconds. This is true whether the player character's endurance was 100 endurance or 110 endurance. So, having bonus endurance not only means have more endurance, but also, a faster recovery (the rate of endurance replenishment).

The formula to determine a player character's recovery in average Endurance Points per Second (EPS) is:

Recovery = MaxEnd / (60 / 1 + RecoveryMod)

So, a beginning player's EPS is 100 / (60 / 1 + 0) = 1.67 EPS

Stamina provides a 25% +Recovery modifier. Plugging that into the formula, the EPS would be: 100 / (60 / 1 + .25) = 2.08 EPS

Since Stamina with three even level SOs at level 50 provides about about 48.73% recovery increase (94.9% increase from SOs applied to 25% +Recovery from Stamina), then the formula produces: 100 / (60 / 1 + 48.73%) = 2.48 EPS

This formula helps to answer the question: Which is better, the same amount of endurance increase or recovery increase? If a player character's endurance was increased 10% to 110 endurance, then their EPS would be: 110 / (60 / 1 + 0) = 1.83 EPS. If a player character's recovery was increased 10%, then their EPS would be 100 / (60 / 1 + .10 ) = 1.83 EPS. The same rate of recovery. However, since the player character who has more endurance has the same rate of recovery and more total endurance, then with the percentages being equal, it is better to have more endurance than more recovery.

NOTE: The Arachnos Soldier and Arachnos Widow archetypes have slightly higher-than-normal (1.84 EPS) base endurance recovery thanks to Conditioning. This figures into the base attribute of the archetype, however, and is not treated as a buff.

Loss of Endurance

The activation of Click Powers such as attacks will instantly drain some of your endurance. The amount lost varies depending on the power.

Toggle powers that apply an effect over time will drain endurance at regular intervals while the toggle is on (frequency ranges from a few times per second to once every few seconds).

Auto Powers do not cost endurance.

A character cannot activate powers that will take their total endurance below zero (0), resulting in an informational message "Too tired".

A character can activate powers that will reduce endurance to exactly zero, either in bulk or in small increments through a toggle power. If a toggle would drain more endurance than the character has, it detoggles, with the informational message "Out of power".

Attack Power Costs

With certain exceptions, attack powers appear to have a strict 1:10 endurance to damage ratio (1 endurance for every 10 base damage). This was revealed by Back Alley Brawler in a forum post on August 7th, 2008 (post purged).

Recovery and Management

Lost endurance will be recovered over time, however there are a number of ways to ensure the best management of endurance:

  • Slotting an Endurance Reduction Enhancement will reduce the endurance cost of a power.
  • The Inherent Fitness power Stamina can be enhanced and will increase recovery rate.
  • Certain powersets have access to Conserve Power, which halves endurance costs of click powers.
  • Certain powers can transfer ("drain") Endurance instantly from a target to the character.
  • Slotting IO Sets can increase a character's maximum endurance capacity and recovery rate.
  • Taking "blue" Inspirations (Catch a Breath, etc.) will instantly restore some endurance.

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