Tub Ci (Praetorian)

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This article is about the Praetorian NPC. For his Primal Earth counterpart, see Tub Ci.
Tub Ci (Praetorian)
Lieutenant in the Syndicate
Real Name Tang Tub Ci
Gender Male
Archetype Unknown

Tsoo formerly

Syndicate currently
Age 48
Romantic Associations Unknown
Known Family Possibly dead during the Vietnam War. He's able to communicate with the spirits of his ancestors, though.
Primary Powers Martial Arts
Secondary Powers Archery
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Tub Ci is working for the Syndicate as the personal bodyguard of Wu Yin, and director of security for Yin Corp. His full name is Tub Ci Tang.

Praetorians can find him in the missions:


Tang Tub Ci (perhaps originally Tub Xi?), was born in Laos in 1960. All that is known for sure is that he founded the Tsoo, but after they began to crumble he left them to work for the Syndicate.


The personal bodyguard of Mr. Wu Yin, and director of security for Yin Corp. Tub Ci Tang abandoned his life as leader of the crumbling Hmong Tsoo criminal organization and has instead sworn to defend the Yin family with his life. Rumors persist about how he lost his eye, but Tub Ci has refused to confirm any of the stories.

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