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Navigation Window

The Navigation Window may be opened by clicking on "Nav" in the Status Window or selecting "Nav" from the Menu Window.

The following additional windows may be accessed from the Nav Window:

In the top of the Nav Window is a compass which displays the direction you are currently facing. If you have a waypoint selected in your Map Window, the waypoint's icon will be displayed in your compass, indicating the direction in which your waypoint is located and the name of the waypoint will display below the compass.

In addition to waypoint icons, the following icons may also appear in your compass:

Map Compass Leader.png Team Leader (appears when you are on a team and you are not the team's leader)
Icon clue generic.png Sidekick/Mentor, Lackey/Boss (appears when you are partnered with another character)

If you or your team leader selects a mission from the Mission Window, the mission's primary objective will be displayed beneath the compass. If you are not currently on the map where your mission is located, the location of your mission will be displayed below the primary objective. Once you enter your mission map, any secondary objectives for your current mission will display below your primary mission objective.

Clicking on either of the following icons to the left of the mission description in the Nav Window will display information pertaining to the mission.

Mission Selected2.png Mission Information
Mission Selected.png Team Selected Mission Information