The Players' Guide to the Cities/Interacting with the Environment

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To interact with NPCs, items, and various objects scattered throughout the game world, simply place the mouse cursor over the item in question and click. If it is possible to affect the object and you are standing close enough, this will automatically cause the appropriate effect. For example, if you click on a door that you are able to pass through, the door will open, you will step inside, and the game will load the area on the other side of the door.

The cursor changes to a blue hand when you encouter an item you can interact with. Any NPC you can speak to will turn the cursor blue. Enemies will turn the cursor red.

Some complicated actions - disarming a bomb or searching a computer for a file, for example - are initiated with a simple mouse-click, but then require a certain amount of time to complete. These actions are interruptable, so it is wise to wait until an area is clear of all enemies before initiating a complicated action.

Always pass the cursor over everything in a scene to make sure you're finding everything of value. Sometimes you can interact with objects that have no direct bearing on a job but will grant you an edge of some sort.

To aid in identifying the various types of NPCs you'll happen across during your career, some of them will have a color-coded ring at their feet.

Yellow Ring
Anything that provides missions has a yellow ring. Contacts, brokers, event contacts, and aura and cape contacts all fall into this category.

Green Ring
Trainers have green rings.

Blue Ring
Anywhere you can spend inf outside of contacts, you will find an NPC with a blue ring. This includes stores, tailors, and notoriety contacts.

Purple Ring
The odd things that don't fit in any of the other categories have purple rings. Examples include: super group registrar, delivery targets, etc.

Also, depending on the situation, you can right-click on other Player Characters and several different types of objects in the game to select from a whole slew of options.