The Hive

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The Hive
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Map TheHive.jpg

Hero Trial Zone (45-50)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: none
Events: Hamidon
Exploration Badges: Time Bandit, Heart of the Hamidon, Babe in the Woods, The Wounded Earth, Wild At Heart, Among the Giants, The Sound of Thunder, Forest of Stone
Plaques: none
Day Jobs: none
Enemies: Devouring Earth
Connecting Zones: Eden
Transits: none
The Hive VidiotMap


The Hive is a Trial zone in CoH. A hero needs to be at least level 45 to enter.

The Hive is perhaps one of the most dangerous areas in all of Paragon City. It lies deep within the wild untamed regions of Eden and contains many forces of the Devouring Earth. Few Heroes have ever ventured in without being defeated, and none have explored the Hive in full. It is strongly recommended that Heroes venturing into the Hive be fully prepared and travel in as large a group as possible. In addition, only those with superior tactics will have a chance of success in this deadly complex.

The Hive Reconnaissance Officer 
(-2374, 5, -557)

You are now in The Hive. This area is beyond anything you've ever experienced. What lies down there will not only wipe out you and your party, but a few other parties as well, if you're not careful. You are going to need massive reinforcements working together in order to survive here.
See my report for more information. It should give you an idea what to expect:
*** Approved Use Only ***
History: Classified.
Hostiles Strength: Levels 45 through 50
Suggested Squad Parameters: 40 to 50-person teams

The giant gellatinous monster at the center of the Hive.

Identified Hostiles:


  • None

Exploration Badges

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Time Bandit

Portal Corporation had their main facility here until the Devouring Earth destroyed the area. This forced them to move their headquarters to Peregrine Island.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Heart of the Hamidon

The Hamidon has defeated many heroes.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Babe in the Woods

Hulking spires of stone splinter the landscape all around you, at this, the outermost edge of The Hive. So this is what a world re-shaped by the Devouring Earth would look like—a place completely inhospitable to humanity, a land rendered hostile to your very presence. You overcome a sudden feeling of insignificance as you gaze upon Hamidon's creation.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Wounded Earth

You can sense a palpable anger radiating from the Devouring Earth when you stand upon this, the last remnant of mankind's creation in Hamidon's pristine garden. The Devouring Earth do not hold back their thoughts about this place: it is a scab, a wound, an affront. When you look at the green sward blanketing the land around you, it is hard not to feel something akin to that, looking down at the rusting hulks and decaying metal beneath your feet.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Wild At Heart

In this quiet corner of the Hive, you get a sense of the age and power of the Devouring Earth. The forest around you feels ancient; you believe the reports that the fauna that spreads in the wake of the Devouring Earth advance are of a species that hasn't graced the planet since mankind's earliest ancestor scampered through their branches eating fruit and insects. Even though you understand the threat the Devouring Earth poses, you are taken by the wild beauty of the place.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Among the Giants

You've never seen such hulking monstrosities this close up before, and even with the great power you've amassed in your career it is hard not to be a little intimidated. Their massive size blots out the sun and the roars they emit rattle the teeth and drive one close to madness.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png The Sound of Thunder

The Devouring Earth have gathered here in force, their stomping legs echoing off the distant hillsides like the thunder of angry gods. The closer your approach, the more excited they seem to grow and the louder their roars and pounding feet become, creating a deafening racket that makes even shouted speech nearly impossible to hear.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Forest of Stone

Towering pillars of stone abound in this region, as they do in other areas where the Devouring Earth have launched full-scale attacks. It has become their unwelcome calling card. The devastation they wreak is extensive, as they thrust upward from the ground toppling buildings, shattering roadways, and punching through even the most solidly built human-made constructs.

Transfer Points

There is only one entrance to The Hive. In Eden there is a gate in extremely poor repair along the northern half of the far east wall (marked on the in-game map as a red locator).


The northwest corner is where Portal Corporation once had their main facility. It has since been abandoned, and is relatively free of the Devouring Earth monsters that patrol the zone.

Villain Groups

The Hive is completely under control of the Devouring Earth. At its center, you can find Hamidon, surrounded by its mitochondria. Thorn, Stropharia, Lattice, and Quarry monsters roam through out the zone, while Devouring Swarms patrol the skies.