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Test Mode refers to the ability of users to play unpublished missions and story arcs created by the Mission Architect.

Unpublished story arcs are kept only on the creator's hard drive. To play a mission in test mode, the creator of the story arc must be the team leader, and select "Play" on the Mission Architect interface.


Playing in test mode will not award Experience, inf, Salvage, Recipes, or Mission Architect Tickets. However, playing in test mode is the only way to make progress on the following Mission Architect Badges:

Badge ArchitectTestKill100.png Virtual Victor   Defeat one enemy in test mode.
Badge ArchitectTestRescue.png Virtual Extractor   Rescue or kidnap one hostage in test mode.
Badge ArchitectTestDestroy.png Virtual Destruction   Destroy one object in test mode.
Badge ArchitectTestClick.png Virtually Impulsive   Interact with one mission objectives in test mode.
Badge ArchitectTest8.png Among Friends   Test an arc with a team of eight.
Badge ArchitectTestOwnMission.png Bug Fixer   Test one of your own arcs. (Required for Mission Engineer Badge.)
Badge ArchitectTestDefeated.png Virtual Victim   Be defeated one time in Test Mode.

Issue 15 Changes

Unless otherwise noted, the following badges were removed with Issue 15.