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Celebrate the return of City of Heroes!

City of Heroes is back and it showed us one important thing.

Seems not everything is remembered with rose tinted glasses, older games can be just as fun if not better than what you actually remembered. Value those memories but also relish the fact that you can finally, not only relive those memories; but also create new ones with your friends and loved ones in City of Heroes. The game lives today thanks to the brave leakers and self-less coders who worked day and night (for free) to bring you the possibilities you have at hand today. Don't let their efforts go to waste, what are you waiting for? Hop on your favorite AT and start playing today!


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Current release: Guardian Goes Live!

The Guardian Archetype is now live!

Rejoice Heroes & Villains! NCSoft might be asleep but new content has arrived. Venture into the Rebirth Live server and enjoy the newest addition to Paragon City!.

But before you do, take note of their new powersets, including the various Composition secondaries and the Hellfire Assault primary! — Oth.


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