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A Raid typically refers to an activity that involves multiple teams of heroes and/ or Villains to complete. Raids are specific to certain zones that have raid encounters; Raids do not have contacts, and may be initiated at any time. However, they generally require 20 or more level 50 characters divided into multiple teams, and may take several hours to complete.

Types of Raids

The two raids currently in City of Heroes/ Villains are:

Hamidon Raid

Both Heroes and Villains have access to the Hamidon Raid, although it is not a co-op raid. Heroes can fight the Hamidon in The Hive, while villains can find him in The Abyss.

Rikti Ship Raid

The Rikti Ship Raid takes place in the Rikti War Zone. Both Heroes and Villains can team up for this raid.

Raid Name Co-op? Zone Typical
Level Range Notes / Reward
Hamidon Raid No The Hive (Heroes)
The Abyss (Villains)
50 45 to 50 Hamidon Origin Enhancements
52 Reward Merits
Rikti Ship Raid Yes Rikti War Zone 20+ 35 to 50 Variable Vanguard Merits based on critter defeats
Demolitionist and Master At Arms badges with specific requirements
Although any character in the Rikti War Zone can take part, all Rikti spawned on the ship are level 54. A level 50 character should be the team leader, to sidekick/lackey all the non-50s on the team.

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