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Ex-Black Knight
Real Name Unknown
Gender Male
Archetype Unknown
Affiliation The Black Knights
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Unknown
Known Family Unknown
Primary Powers Titan Weapons
Secondary Powers Darkness Manipulation
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Pendragon is the uncorrupted version of Nega-Pendragon.

Heroes, villains, and praetorians can find him in:

Incarnates can find him in:


Born of death, the knight known only as Pendragon is the single mightiest combatant within the legion of the Black Knights. No challenger has ever defeated him in single combat, and even the mighty Dread Templar whisper that some preternatural force guides Pendragon's every move. Is he destined only to be Lorn's most potent blunt instrument? Or is his past grander and his future greater than any around him have predicted?

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