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Patrol XP shown in clear skies blue


While logged out in any location, characters gain credit toward the Patroller or Criminal Day Jobs (versus other Day Job Badges requiring specific log out locations), and are considered to be On Patrol. While on patrol, characters accumulate credit toward Patrol Experience. Characters can gain credit toward Patrol XP and a true Day Job at the same time by logging out in another Day Job's specific location.

Credit toward Patrol XP is displayed in the Status Window as a light blue extension off the end of the experience bar. For every 24 hours a character spends logged out, they accumulate 1 bar of Patrol XP, with a maximum of 10 bars. If a character has a number of Patrol XP bars that exceeds the number they need to level up, this extra experience carries over to their next Security/Threat Level.

Patrol Experience is not consumed during Double XP Weekends except by debt, meaning a character cannot get Patrol + Double Experience. It still accumulates, though.

Patrol Experience is also not consumed during Mission Architect missions except by debt, meaning a character will only get normal experience while doing player-created arcs.

Note: Colorblind players may have difficulty differentiating the XP, Patrol XP, and/or debt bar colors, as the hues are similar.


Patrol XP is a bonus 50% experience for any critter defeats. While credit remains, any XP earned by a character due to defeating critters is multiplied by 150%, the extra 50% of which is deducted from Patrol XP accumulation. When all Patrol XP has been worked off, the character's rate of earning XP will return to normal. Patrol XP is not applied to the bonus XP gained from other sources such as mission completion, Story Arc/Task Force completion or Exploration Badges.


Any debt accumulated while Patrol XP credit remains deducts from the remaining Patrol XP credit. If the amount of Patrol XP credit remaining is greater than the accumulated debt, the character will be left without any debt, but with less credit toward Patrol XP. If the amount of Patrol XP credit remaining is less than the accumulated debt, the character will be left without any Patrol XP credit, but with less debt to work off than they would normally accumulate.

If the character dies, the amount of debt will be deducted from the amount of Patrol XP owned. Debt removed this way still counts for credit toward debt badges.

If a character logs out with debt, debt will be worked off by Patrol XP accumulation. Once the character's debt is gone, Patrol XP will be awarded normally.

Level 50

At Level 50, characters no longer accrue patrol experience. Patrol XP left over from Level 49 remains and will be used to payoff debt. Once their remaining Patrol experience is gone, the only way Level 50s interact with Patrol XP is if they log out with debt, it will be worked off by Patrol XP accumulation. However, once debt is gone, the character will not gain Patrol XP.

Please note that a Level 50 character will gain debt normally by deaths, unlike lower level characters who have Patrol XP "banked", since Level 50 characters cannot "bank" Patrol XP.

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