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Introduced in Issue 20, a League is a group of teams, ranging from 1-8 characters each. A total of 6 teams may be formed into a single league, meaning a maximum of 48 characters to a league. Players on the same league share the League Chat Channel and can quickly communicate using the /league or /lc commands. Players in the same team on the same league can still utilize /group or /g to give team-oriented directions without cluttering the whole league's chat.

Leagues are formed automatically for individuals or individual teams that enter an Incarnate Trial through the Team-Up Teleporter. Additionally, a full League can be brought into an Incarnate Trial when the League Leader signs up for one.


League Leaders

The League Leader is always the Team Leader of team #1. They can switch players between teams, and even promote players to the leader of their respective teams. Team Leaders do have the option, however, of "locking" their team so that no adjustments can be made to their team lineup.

Team Leaders

Team leaders may invite and kick players from their own teams at will. They may also drop their team from the league if they wish to. If a team leader invites another team leader to join them in a league, the two teams will merge together, with the inviting player becoming the new league leader.

Players in your league who are on a different team than you will not be able to communicate in the same Team chat channel.


Powers must be flagged for 'leaguemate' or 'friend' in order to affect characters outside of a someone's team within a league. Most powers in the game have been adjusted to include this flag, however some still exist that only affect teammates (such as Vengeance).


Players cannot be invited to a league if they are already on a separate league, and two leagues cannot be combined into one.

League Play

Leagues can be used for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

Incarnate Trials
Instanced Raids

Costume Contests
Zone Events