Famine: Rider

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Famine: Rider is an Elite Boss who fights for the Rikti.

Heroes and Villains can find him on The Lady Grey Task Force during the Repulse the Rikti Riders mission from The Lady Grey.


No Rikti warriors are more feared than those known as the 4 Riders. Said to have suffered some strange transformation during the crossing between worlds, even their fellow Rikti are terrified of them. The Rider known as Scarcity can starve his foes of life and energy, destroying the form within.


Here's what he says during the Repulse the Rikti Riders mission:

At 75% Life: Your Fate: Bleak.

At 50% Life: Why Persist: Foolish Hope?

At 25% Life: Your Fighting: In Vain.

Defeated: We Will: Regroup

After defeating a player: In Agony: Fester.

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