Thorn Tree

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The Thorn Tree

The Thorn Tree is a strange being, a demon-tree which has grown on an ancient fortress of the Mu in the Nerva Archipelago. It is the only known source of Thorn Blades and Spirit Thorns used by the Circle of Thorns. The energies devoured by the tree are encysted within the heartwood in a thing called the Nexus of Thorns. It has Archvillain rank and a faction of Circle of Thorns.

Villains may fight it:

Heroes may fight it:


A demon-tree of the netherworld, the Circle of Thorns use the Thorn Tree to siphon energy from an ancient fortress of the Mu. Unlike a normal plant, the Thorn Tree has it's own defenses, and cannot even be damaged until the vines defending it have been cleared away.

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