The Players' Guide to the Cities/Trading

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Characters can trade inspirations, enhancements, salvage, and even inf with one another. In order to trade, you must be reasonably close in proximity to the character you wish to trade with. To start trading, right-click click on the other character and select "Trade." If another character asks you to trade, you will see a dialog box that allows you to accept or decline opening the Trade Window. All of your available inspirations and enhancements are displayed in the Trade Window, as are your current inf reserves. You can drag inspirations or enhancements into the left side of the Trade Window or enter an amount of inf (up to 999,999) on the inf line. The other character's offer appears in the right side of the Trade Window. When you think the trade is fair, click the "Offer" button at the top of the window to confirm your offer. If either character makes a change to their trade offer, both characters will have to confirm their offers again in order to finalize the trade. When both parties have accepted the trade, it is automatically completed.

In the cases of inspirations and enhancements, you can do a quick trade: click on a teammate and then right-click on the inspiration or enhancement you wish to trade to that person. You may also right-click on an inspiration or enhancement and select any of your current teammates from a list to gift the item to them.

Use the trash icon in the Trade Window to clear space in your inspiration, enhancement, or salvage inventories (anything you trash is gone for good). If there is not enough space in your inventories for the goods you are being offered, the trade cannot be completed. Click on "Cancel" at any time to exit the Trade Window.

You can also give away an enhancement, inspiration, or salvage item by dragging it from your tray over to a character standing nearby. You can decline gifts automatically by setting that option in the Options Window.