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[edit] [purge] Documentation


Use on cached pages where you might want to update the contents (e.g. times, mission listings, etc.) This will force a refresh of the cached data, and will reload the page.

Can be used by itself for a default look, or with the following parameters:

  • fontsize to change the size of the font; be sure to include px or em or whatever
  • style to change any other CSS styling of the font
  • page to specify a page (default is to purge the page the template is used on)
    • NOTE: clicking a link to purge a different page than the one the purge link is on will load that other page after purging
  • text to specify what you want the link text to say instead of "(purge)"


Code Output
  {{purge}}   (purge)
  {{purge|style=text-decoration:underline|page=Main Page}}     (purge)
  {{purge|text=Purge this page.}}   Purge this page.