Target custom next (Slash Command)

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Slash Command

/target_custom_next parameters

Cycles through entities matching the parameters specified. Any parameters that do not match the list below will be interpreted as entity names. Entities are anything not part of the environment. This includes heroes, villains, critters, doors, boats, citizens, and mission objectives. As with other targeting commands, the entities that will be cycled through must be in your perception radius, as well as visible to the camera (not the player).


  • enemy - Hostile enemies
  • friend - Friendlies (including pets)
  • defeated - 0 HP targets
  • alive - Living targets
  • mypet - Inlcude only your pets
  • notmypet - Exclude your pets
  • base - Include only passive base items
  • notbase - Exlude passive base items
  • teammate - Include only teammates
  • notteammate - Exclude teammates
  • Everything else will match the name of the entity


You must specify the defined parameters before entering the text to be used to target the entity. Defining a parameter after a non-parameter will cause the game to look for an entity that matches all words after the non-parameter.

This command is a standard tool for any type of hunting. It is particularly useful when hunting specific entities (e.g. Tsoo Sorcerers) for badges, or for checking a mob for a particularly dangerous type, such as Malta Sappers, or Void Hunters and Quantum spawns for Kheldians.

The standard form of target_custom_next is to use it to create a keybind or macro of the type of creature you are looking for. For instance:

/macro find "target_custom_next enemy alive quantum$$target_custom_next enemy alive void$$target_custom_next enemy alive cyst"
  • Substitute /macro find with /bind <key> to create a key bind.

Triggering this macro will examine all entities in the user's field of view for foes whose names contain the strings "quantum", "void", or "cyst". This can be combined with the standard /target_enemy_next command in order to prioritize these items, but select the next available enemy if they don't exist in this manner:

/bind TAB "target_enemy_next$$target_custom_next enemy alive quantum$$target_custom_next enemy alive void$$target_custom_next enemy alive cyst"


Valid Examples

target_custom_next friend notteammate notmypet
  • Allows easy targeting of allies that are not on your team, including ally pets.
target_custom_next notteammate notmypet
  • Will target most anything not your pet or on your team, including doors, boats, cars, villains, heroes not on your team, other player's pets, bombs, etc.
target_custom_next enemy alive void
  • Targets any Void Hunter that is still alive.

Invalid Examples

target_custom_next enemy void alive
  • The game will look for a hostile entity whose name includes void alive, because "alive" is defined after the string.