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This article is about Player Vs Player reputation. For mission difficulty/notoriety, see Notoriety.


Reputation in City of Heroes and City of Villains is associated with PvP wins.

During combat in any PvP zone, Reputation is gained by landing the final attack that defeats another player character. The base reputation earned for each defeat is 1.0 points.

When teamed with other players, victories are shared by all nearby teammates. The base reputation awarded is split evenly among the team's members and all players awarded credit are are added to the defeated player's Defeat List.

When credit for a player defeat is earned, an additional 5.0 points of "bounty" reputation are awarded if the defeated character has a reputation score 20.0 or more points greater than the character awarded credit.

Players in a character's Defeat List remain there until a period of five minutes has elapsed. Should a player defeat a character while still listed their Defeat List, no credit is awarded for the defeat and no Reputation is earned. The player is not, however, added to the Defeat List again, and the timer continues counting down uninterrupted.

PvP Reputation caps at 400 points and decays at a rate of 2.0 points reputation per day.

Reaching 100 Reputation points for the first time grants the Forward Observer Badge.

Reaching the 400 Reputation point cap grants the Disruptor Badge.