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Prestige is used to "buy" plot sizes, rooms, and items for your Supergroup's base. Additionally, it is used to pay the supergroup base's rent each month, which is based on certain items contained in the base.

In order to earn Prestige for your Supergroup, you need to be in Supergroup Mode. To enter this mode, click on the Super button in your chat window. It will open your Supergroup window which will show a list of people in your SG. In the upper right corner is a button that says, "Enter SG Mode". After you enter SG mode, you will see your Supergroup icon in your experience ring.

To leave SG Mode, you can click on the Super button, then the button in the upper right, which will now read "Exit SG Mode."

Alternatively one can use the /sgmode and /sgmodeset 0 or 1 commands.

While you are in Supergroup Mode, you will earn Prestige for defeating enemies, completing missions, etc. At level 25 you will start earning less inf in exchange for earning Prestige; and at level 29 and above, you earn only half of the total amount of Inf while in SG Mode. SG Mode does not alter experience gain/debt payment.

In Issue 12, the Earnings Progression was changed so that Inf earnings never fall below 50%.

Prestige Exchange

Icon vip.png This used to require a (now obsolete) VIP subscription.

If a hero or villain is willing to do so they can go to the Super Group Registrar desks, located in Atlas Park (hero side) and Port Oakes (villain side) and use Inf to purchase Prestige for their group. The exchange rate is 1,000,000 inf for 2,000 prestige. A character will be presented with exchange quotes based on how much inf the character has on hand. If the character has less than a million inf, he or she will not be presented with an exchange quote.

  • The first is the basic rate: 1 Million inf for 2000 prestige.
  • The second is for 10 Million inf for 20,000 prestige.
  • The third option only shows up if a character has more than 11 million inf on hand, quoting a 1 million inf to 2,000 prestige ratio based on the highest full million the character has. For instance, if a character has 29 million inf on hand, he or she would be presented with an option for 58,000 prestige.

Earnings Progression

Level 1: 52% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 2: 54% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 3: 56% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 4: 58% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 5: 60% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 6: 62% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 7: 64% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 8: 66% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 9: 68% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 10: 70% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 11: 72% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 12: 74% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 13: 76% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 14: 78% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 15: 80% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 16: 82% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 17: 84% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 18: 86% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 19: 88% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 20: 90% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 21: 92% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 22: 94% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 23: 96% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 24: 98% Prestige, 100% Inf

Level 25: 100% Prestige, 90% Inf

Level 26: 100% Prestige, 80% Inf

Level 27: 100% Prestige, 70% Inf

Level 28: 100% Prestige, 60% Inf

Level 29+: 100% Prestige, 50% Inf

Earning Prestige Bonuses

Each supergroup receives a prestige bonus of 20,000 for each of up to the first 15 members, for a total of 300,000 prestige. If a supergroup loses a character and goes below the 15, that 20,000 will be deducted from the supergroup's prestige total. It is possible to go negative with this method, and can lock a supergroup out of their base if rent needs to be paid and they can't invite someone else or don't have a way to farm or buy prestige to go back to positive.

The first supergroup that a Praetorian-origin character joins gains a bonus of 100,000 prestige. This is in order to make up for the prestige the character would have earned in the level 1-20 range while they were unable to join a supergroup before leaving Praetoria. A supergroup can get this bonus multiple times from separate Praetorian recruits, but a Praetorian character can only grant this bonus once in its life to one supergroup.

A character may obtain a mission completion prestige bonus through the Monitor Duty Day Job by logging out near a base portal. Without the badge, the temporary power grants +15% bonus; after earning the badge, the upgraded temporary power grants +25% bonus.


  • There was a ~25% increase in Prestige rewards as of August 16, 2006.
  • There was once a major bug in Base Editing that apparently allowed you to buy items, then sell them for more prestige then you bought them for. This bug has been fixed.
  • On December 10, 2007, there was a one-time grant of 20,000 bonus prestige per supergroup member. However, an error in the script for the test server caused that one-time grant to be repeated the following day. Neither bonus grant counted toward the supergroup's total earnings listed at the Supergroup Registrar.