Mender Tesseract

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Mender Tesseract
Mender Tesseract.jpg
Mender of Ouroboros
Zone Ouroboros
Coordinates (534.3, 671.9, -703.3)
Level Range 25-34
Introduced By

The Pilgrim

Mender Lazarus
Introduces None
Enemy Groups

V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
V badge CityOfficial.png Generic Heroes
V badge Marchand.png Loyalists
V badge SnakeBadge.png Snakes

V badge Vindicators.png Vindicators
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Mender Tesseract is a villain contact in Ouroboros at coordinates (534.3, 671.9, -703.3).



Mender of the Ouroboros

Traveling through time is nothing new to Meg Tesseract, one of the higher ranking members of Ouroboros. Her penchant for adventure and slightly darker nature make her the perfect Mender for any morally ambivalent assignments that come up. Mender Tesseract, or 'Tesse', is as beautiful as she is brilliant, with an acerbic wit and almost palpable zeal for intrigue. That's a nice way of saying she wouldn't think twice before tossing you under a hovercraft. Just for fun.

Wrong Alignment

I have nothing for you, I'm sorry. Please speak with Twilight's Son, if you are looking for something to do.


  • None - This character does not sell inspirations or enhancements.

Strike Force

See Mender Tesseract Strike Force


A Tesseract is the 4 dimensional analog of a cube. For more information see Wikipedia's article on the Tesseract.

Her name could also be a reference to the book A Wrinkle in Time wherein a Tesseract is a means of traveling through space instantaneously. The fact that she shares a first name with the main character of the book seems to support this idea.



This letter can be found in St. Martial, in one of the missions of the Mender Tesseract's Strike Force:

Dear Character...

While time traveling into the past, you visit President Marchand's presidential suite and in a file cabinet you find a hand written letter addressed to Character...

I have posed many questions for you in many other times, Character, but perhaps the most important one is this, 'who is Mender Silos? He claims to be from a future so far in time that his own science would make it impossible. He claims that humanity has been wiped out, but doesn't say who did it. He claims that he is here to help, but who is he really helping? You, of all people, should be able to detect a ruse when you see one.

I know that you are currently working for Mender Tesseract. Of all the Menders, I believe her to be the most honest in her ways. If not for Silos' agenda and the dreaded Temporal Scaling, I believe she would have enslaved your time and ruled as empress. Silos claims that she is 'reformed' from her upbringing, but I do not believe it. Her kind was bred to rule, to conquer, to consume. There is no 'high road' along that path. Tesseract is a nightmare given form, a monster with a pretty smile. Pray you never meet her in her own time.

Don't allow yourself to be fooled, but don't let yourself be discovered either. Play their game for now; learn everything you can about these Menders. It will aid you later. For now, look for my other letters, Character. I shall see you in the pillar when the time is right.