Kevin Gilett

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Kevin Gilett
Kevin Gilett.jpg
Salvage Instructor
Zone Cap au Diable
Coordinates (961, -264, -1515)
Level Range 10-50
Introduced By Dean John Yu
Introduces Charles Ball
Enemy Groups Council
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Kevin Gilett is the second contact for the Invention System tutorial for villains. He is located in the Library, inside the University in Cap au Diable.


About this contact

Salvage Instructor

Like most instructors here at the University, Kevin Gilett scraped by his Masters in Engineering the old fashioned way. He coughed up a lot of money and paid someone else to do his work. Kevin likes to spread the knowledge in the least painful way possible. He's a real student's teacher, for the right price.

Prior to Introduction

You're not in my class. Go see Dean Yu if you want to enroll in the Invention program.

Initial Contact

Let me guess: Dean Yu sent you over for your first class.


Missing At Least One Greeting Dialogue


Research Salvage in the Bookcase


This class is on Salvage. Here's the answers:

There are five types of Salvage, but Invention is the most common. Invention Salvage is used to create a variety of items. You can still acquire Invention Salvage while in Supergroup mode.

There are different Rarities of Salvage: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. The color of the name and the information listed in the Information Bar will tell you exactly how common (or rare) your Salvage is.

Are you with me so far? Why do I ask? I don't really care.

You have an entire inventory dedicated to Salvage. The amount of Salvage pieces that you can carry is small at first, but as you increase in Threat Level, it will grow somewhat. Invention Salvage counts toward filling up your inventory. Vaults located in Pocket D and around the Rogue Isles will only hold Invention Salvage.

You can sell your Salvage to any store in the Rogue Isles. You can't buy it, though. Sorry. Them's the breaks.

Since I get paid to make you do stuff, go search the stacks on Salvage. Like I haven't already told you everything already, search them anyway so I can say I taught you something. There's right over there. Come back when you're done.

Mission Acceptance

It's the short stack to my right, your left. Your OTHER left. Off you go now.

Mission Objective

  • Research Salvage

You find the required reading materials among the volumes in the bookcase.

Icon clue generic.png
Salvage Textbook
You put together a quick report on Salvage, based on the reading from the textbooks in the stacks.
Icon clue generic.png
There are five types of Salvage, but the most common is Invention Salvage.

There are three different types of Rarity: Common, Uncommon, and Rare. The color of the Salvage piece name as well as information listed in the Information Bar will tell you more about the piece of Salvage you are viewing.

You have a limited Salvage Inventory that will expand somewhat with your Threat Level. You may 'store' your Invention Salvage in Vaults located in Pocket D and around the Rogue Isles. Even while you are playing in Supergroup mode, you may still acquire Invention Salvage.

Salvage may be sold at any store in the Rogue Isles, but you cannot buy salvage from stores.

[In faint lettering down below...]

(The Janitor knows a guy who knows something about some buying and selling action. Remove this before the textbook goes to the printer. Don't forget!)


Well it took you long enough. Did you get lost? No excuses, just give me what you have. Hm. Okay, it's not stunning but it'll do.

You're not done yet, though. Since this class is on Salvage, get yourself over to the campus supply room and pick me up some. Here's the list of Salvage I need. Move fast and impress me.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Well? Where are the materials I sent you for? What are you waiting for?

Mission Objective

You hear something. This could be fun.

  • Retrieve Salvage
    • Recover Salvage Container

You get through the Council to retrieve the supplies for Gilett's class.

Icon clue generic.png
Salvage List
The list of Salvage you're picking up for Kevin Gilett's class.
Icon clue generic.png
Invention Salvage
A collection of invention salvage for the invention lab.


Badge villain council.png Council


Could that possibly have taken you ANY longer? What happened? Whatever. You're a villain. Like you've never seen a break-in before. I hope you did what was necessary to get my Salvage. You did? Good. There's some hope for you after all. I'm sending this Salvage to O'Reilly, you're going to need it later on in your coursework.

You passed. Barely. But here at the university, that's good enough. Move on to the next course now.

New contact

The next class is about Recipes taught by:

Contact Small Charles Ball.jpg Charles Ball

Recipes are the backbone of the Invention system. Without Salvage and Recipes, there is no system. This course is designed to give you an overview of what types of Recipes can be found (or bought), rarities, and what is required to use them.

Charles Ball is located in the Library.

No More Missions

You should go see Charles Ball now. I told him you'd be on your way.