GvE Revolution 2007: Uprising

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Badge time.png This article or section contains information about a past event in City of Heroes: Rebirth. The content provided may refer to City of Heroes Freedom.
It is provided for historical purposes.


The largest-scale PVPEC event to date was the GvE Revolution 2007: Uprising event of June 2–4, 2007. It featured five separate events on Test, all advertised on the COH/COV updater page:

Friday June 2: Pocket D Kickoff Party

Friday June 2: Siren's Call Brawl

Saturday June 3: two Lethal Lottery tournaments

Sunday June 4: Showcase 8x8 Event

The event was covered live by W00tradio. The W00tradio host was DJ Jester and Lighthouse was interviewed live on the station.

Event details

Pocket D Kickoff Party. Ex Libris and Lighthouse attended and passed out yellow titles to many. Unfortunately, due to server maintenance, the event start was delayed by about an hour.

Siren's Call Brawl. Pretty much just a massive free-form fight in the Siren's Call zone, attended by Ex Libris on the the Hero side and Lighthouse for the Villains (on his NCsoft_Darkhouse Brute character - his warcry was "DOOOOOOOOM!!!"). Siren's Call sharded and Ghost Widow put in an appearance as well.

two rounds of a Lethal Lottery tournament. First round was exemped to Level 26; second round was all levels. The second round had a winning team of 6.

Showcase 8v8 Event. This event was planned to have the game's hardcore PVP Supergroups and Villain Groups show their moves in 10-minute matches to one and all.