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Rebirth Issue 1, Episode 1 - April 25, 2021

New Archetype: Guardians

Guardians added, new archetype that has good ranged and melee while still maintaining decent support and protection.

New Ancillary Power Pool For Scrappers and Stalkers

New Costume Options

  • Emblem Pack 1
  • Cape Packs 1 & 2
  • Glove Diversification Phase 1

2012 Halloween Pack Now Available

Long enjoyed on other CoH servers, one of Paragon's last contributions to the character library is now available and fully functioning on Live for all characters.

This pack includes:

  • Full body mummy skin
  • Tombstone and wicker basket backpacks
  • Floating orb and skull special heads

Fashion gloves and boots unlocked for female characters.

Seer gloves and boots unlocked for male and huge characters.

Auction House Changes

Quality of Life: Number of base slots for every player character has been increased. Values have been adjusted so that there is a progression of available slots as you level. (Roughly 5 slots every 5 levels.....ish )

Bugfix: Invention generic, respec, temp power, and costume recipes should now once again be tradeable on the Auction House.

Super-Group Base Rent

Quality of Life:

  • Base rent will no longer be calculated on the items in the base. The exact value that each SG would pay was hard to anticipate and may have hindered some SGs from placing more items that they may have wanted.
  • SG base rent now calculated based on plot size. These numbers are still up for discussion and may be subject to change. However, rent is currently set to be much less than it was on Live.
  • Smallest Plot size has no rent.

Character Slot Per Account Increase

Quality of Life:

  • UI hard coding issues have been adjusted to allow more characters per account to be created. Due to the nature of the UI code, slots can only be adjusted in multiples of 12.
  • Current slots on every account should now be 96. This comes from 12 slots on 8 pages. This number may be subject to adjustment at a future date if there is demand for it.

Power De-Queuing

Quality of Life:

  • Stacking auto powers should no longer cause powers selected next in the attack chain to de-queue. This fix should also work for attacks and interruptible like long activation toggles and snipes among other powers.

Rebirth Wiki Notes

  • Build: v2i2 Game Update 1