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Empowerment Stations are base items that craft temporary powers (empowerment buffs) as well as other Empowerment Stations.

Their primary function is to craft temporary powers from invention salvage. These temporary powers are passive buffs which affect the crafting character only, cannot be stacked, and last for one hour of in game time (the in-game text incorrectly says 15 minutes). The buff takes effect immediately upon crafting. They will persist even if the character is defeated.

Badge bughunter 01.png Bug! As of 2011-11-15, if a character is defeated, the power will persist but stop functioning after resurrection (regardless of resurrection source: self-rez, team rez, inspiration, or hospital trip).

Their secondary function is to craft the next tier of Empowerment Station of the same type (arcane or tech). Tier I stations are used to craft the Tier II stations, which in turn are used to craft the Tier III stations.

NOTE: Tier I stations are located in the "Arcane Empowerment" or "Tech Empowerment" tabs, not under the Workshop tabs.

NOTE: You need not earn badges to craft any of these.

Tier I Empowerment Stations

Tier II Empowerment Stations

Tier III Empowerment Stations

Available Buffs

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First Order Empowerment Buffs

Second Order Empowerment Buffs

Third Order Empowerment Buffs