Demetrios Vasilikos

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Demetrios Vasilikos
Leader of the Forlorn
Real Name Demetrios Vasilikos
Gender Male
Archetype Unknown


Ghouls (Former)
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Unknown
Known Family Unknown
Primary Powers Invulnerability
Secondary Powers Super Strength
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Demetrios Vasilikos is a former Ghoul and current leader of the Forlorn.

Heroes, villains, and praetorians can find him in the missions:


Demetrios Vasilikos has dedicated himself to undoing the terrible work that his research has done in the hands of Praetor Berry. After realizing that Calvin Scott and the Resistance saw the rehabilitated Ghouls to be little more than shock troops in their crusade against Cole, Demetrios fled with his people, now known as the Forlorn, to First Ward. It is here that Demetrios hopes to continue his research and help the people whose lives his genetic experimentation has ruined.

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