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Coalition, or partnership, between two or more supergroups. Can communicate between the supergroups using coalition chat. A single supergroup can coalition with up to ten other supergroups, forming a coalition of up to eleven. Each supergroup is capable of entering a coalition with different supergroups; it is not required to coalition all the same.

Enabling the "Coalition Member" permission allows supergroups in a coalition to access each others' bases. This allows access to telepads (not Raid Telepad), Auto-Doc/Tree of Wonders, Invention Worktable, and Personal Storage Vaults.

Coalition members are not allowed to add to or take from storage items.

Slash Command

Main Article: coalition (Slash Command)

/coalition is used to send messages to the coalition channel. Only those supergroups you are in a coalition with will see your message.

Coalition related commands

/coalition_cancel supergroup Cancel coalition with a supergroup.
/coalition_invite player Invite player's supergroup to join coalition. Alias: /ci
/coalition_mintalkrank rank Sets the minimum rank of members of a coalition supergroup who your supergroup can hear.
/coalition_nosend Stop your supergroup from sending coalition chat to an ally supergroup.
/coalition_sg_mintalkrank rank Sets the minimum rank of members of your supergroup who can use coalition chat. Note: This command is currently non-functional.