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A bind is a reference for the game to understand what a particular key does. Almost every command in the game is inputted through a bind of some variety. The keys the game uses for basic controls are bound to commands, and through these, the game understands the commands you input. When you re-organize your keyboard through the options interface, the game interface is re-binding keys for you.

For example, by default:

  • "W" is bound to the command +forward.
  • "1" is bound to powexecslot 1.
  • "F7" is bound to "say Ready!$$emote thumbsup".

In the above example, note that "F7" has the $$ marker in it. This tells the game that it is actually 2 commands, separated by "$$", and that it's to execute them in order. You can change a bind through using the /bind command, or through Bind Files.

For a more in-depth study on uses of Binds, consult The Incomplete and Unofficial Guide to /bind.

Bind Files

Bind Files are simple text files, which list a number of binds in a standardized format. This can allow you to load up multiple binds - or different sets of binds - for a character. You can even specify keys to load binds as part of a bind file's contents, allowing cyclical binds.

For more details see The Incomplete and Unofficial Guide to /bind.