Archon Burkholder

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Archon Burkholder


Archon Burkholder is a Archvillain for the Council.

Heroes can find him at the end of Ernesto Hess's task force: The MegaMech Cometh. (Levels 25-30+). They also encounter him during Jenni Adair's mission arc, Looking Through the Glass (Levels 20-29).

Villains face him during the 'Invite' the Center mission from Viridian. (Levels 45-50)

Heroes and Villains encounter an past version of him while he was a member of the 5th Column named Col. Burkholder.


Archon Burkholder is a relic from another villainous group that was recently subsumed by the Council. Nevertheless, he seems to have made a place for himself in the new regime. His obsession with robotics led him to carve off his own arm and replace it with one of steel; it also led him to create this terrifying robot factory. To prevent the launch of the giant Zenith Mech Man, you must defeat Burkholder.

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