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Leader of the Nictus on Earth
Real Name Unknown (Human host) and Unknown (Nictus)
Gender Female
Archetype Unknown
Affiliation Arachnos (Former)
Council (Currently)
Age Unknown. At least 100 years old
Romantic Associations Unknown. Suspected relationship with the villains Requiem and The Center
Known Family None
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Arakhn is an Archvillain from the Council.

Heroes can face her:

Villains find her:


Arakhn is the ruler of the Nictus, the one who led them to Earth, refined Nictus fragmentation and created the Cysts where unbound Nictus can survive.


Very little is known about the mysterious figure known as Arakhn. She is a deadly assassin and is the last thing seen by many enemies of the Council. What most of the Council is unaware of is that Arakhn's powers resulted from the fusion of her human body with a Nictus life form. She is on the front lines of a war with the Kheldians, ancient enemies of the Nictus.


During the Moonfire Task Force:

Before combat: The Nictus race must survive!

Combat start: And you must perish!

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