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Aren't Patroller and Criminal the +XP "day jobs" that don't have a specific location tied to it? It's confirmed that it's +inf? Otherwise it should be noted the descriptions are wrong. -- Aggelakis 01:08, 15 November 2008 (UTC)

I was surprised to find that info myself, but the text I pasted in there today is copied straight from the "files that dare not be discussed". I'm not ruling out the possibility that the text is wrong in-game, though. I can't test it personally at the moment - all of my characters who have Patroller or Criminal are already 50, so any XP bonus would be converted to Influence/Infamy anyway. We'll need to find someone who has the badge on someone under level 50 to check. --Eabrace 03:31, 15 November 2008 (UTC)
Working on figuring this one out, but not quite there yet. Here's what I do understand so far, though.
  • the patrol XP bar looks like it accumulates at a rate of somewhere around .1 bar/2.5 hours
  • XP earned while filling the blue patrol XP bars accumulates at a rate of 1.5 * normal XP accumulation
  • there are no power icons for the effect of the patrol XP, only the blue bars
  • the progress bar on the Patroller/Criminal badge is tracking time logged out rather than bars worked off and doesn't appear to halt progress when the limit of 10 patrol XP bars has accumulated
    • I have one character with a full progress bar and no badge and another showing 55.67% progress. Neither had worked off any patrol XP until tonight. No further progress registered as I worked off the patrol XP. Logging out and coming back 5 hours later showed some progress from 55.67% to 56.33%
Since there are no power icons or descriptions for the patrol XP while working toward the badge, I suspect that if there really is an influence/infamy bonus, it's the second power that accumulates after the badge has been earned. Still working on verifying that.
One last odd note. I just logged my character with the full bar back in. While out, she accumulated about another .17 bar of patrol XP and got the Criminal badge. Before, I couldn't get the game to show me any numbers on the progress bar, but it must have been just barely shy of full. Anyway, I should be able to log that character out now and see if she accumulates any more patrol XP bars or starts to rack up something different. --Eabrace 10:00, 15 November 2008 (UTC)
Checked in today. The character who earned the badge has been accumulating blue in the XP bar, so it appears that the power described in the resource files was not implemented. Archiving here just in case.
DayJob InfBoost.png Patroller Auto: Influence Bonus
Your day job has granted you a bonus to Influence upon completion of a mission as long as time remains on this power.
Removing the power from Patroller and Criminal and replacing with a description of how the patrol XP works. Accumulation rate of patrol XP appears to be faster once the badge is earned, but I haven't determined the rate yet. --Eabrace 00:28, 16 November 2008 (UTC)

Patrol XP

I'm working on rewording and tweaking the description of patrol XP (both here and on Criminal). I slightly misunderstood how the system works and have learned more since I wrote the initial description. For example, any debt earned subtracts from the remaining patrol XP bar. Going to need to be careful to keep it short without it getting clunky. --Eabrace 14:27, 5 December 2008 (UTC)