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EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This Tip Mission is dropped for any villain who is Level 20-50. Completing this mission unlocks the contact Mortimer Kal, and is required for a leader to commence the Mortimer Kal Strike Force. This Tip Mission does not count in the limitations of the Alignment Tips. Note that this mission is described as "Sinister Plot" in the tip list.

Wizard's Weakness (20-40)


While contemplating the ever increasing number of your competitors gaining Incarnate power your thoughts turn to how you could gain it yourself. Your search for a way has regularly come back to a single name; Mortimer Kal.

The name Mortimer Kal is rarely spoken, even within the most shadowy gatherings of arcane spell casters. So when you overheard a cluster of Circle of Thorns neophytes discussing him, you listened closely and learned something of great interest about the old wizard.

It is confirmed, we have found Mortimer Kal's daughter, Fiona!
Excellent, her blood is the key to breaking his glyphs and wards. Without them to protect him the wizard's Mu blood will spill as well.
We have already dispatched a party to collect her from the university campus in Cap Au Diable. This will be a great victory for Oranbega!

Hmmmm... Mortimer Kal has kept his daughter secret. If what you've learned is true, then he is the one wizard that would know a thing or two about gaining incarnate power. If you were to acquire his daughter instead of letting her be sacrificed on an Oranbegan altar, you'll be able to force the old wizard to tell you how to gain the incredible power you need!

  • Head to the University and kidnap Fiona

If this girl, Fiona, truly is the daughter of Mortimer Kal, then you could use her to gain leverage over the old wizard. With the Circle of Thorns going after her for their own dark purposes you have the perfect opportunity to swoop in and steal the girl, and let blame for her disappearance rest on the Circle.

  • Steal Fiona from the Circle of Thorns

You'll need to be careful and not just with the Circle of Thorns. Fiona, like her father, has the blood of Mu in her veins. There's no telling how much of that innate magical power she has tapped into. She could be more dangerous than any Circle Mage you've run into yet.

Kidnap Fiona from the University

Unnecessary Solicitation

Kidnapping Fiona is not to be undertaken lightly. For all you know her father, Mortimer, has spells cast upon her that will warn him when she is in danger, whisk her away to safety, or simply transform the assailant into a toad. In addition there are the Circle of Thorns who you are going to cross in the process and Fiona herself, who could be a powerful sorceress in her own right.

You'd better get to the University before the Circle of Thorns take your prize.

Mission Objective(s)

The first thing you notice heading into the University basement is the gagging stink of moth eaten linen mixing with the acidic sting of brimstone. The Circle of Thorns is definitely here.

  • Kidnap Fiona from the University
    • Stop the Circle of Thorns
    • Talk to Fiona

You successfully captured Fiona Kal, daughter of Mortimer Kal, and left only the dead bodies of the Circle of Thorns to explain what happened to her. With the Midnighters focusing their search on the Circle of Thorns it will allow you to exercise leverage over the old wizard without their interference or suspicions.


Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns

Notable NPCs

Fiona looks like a normal college student, but looks are only skin deep. Burning within her is the bloodline of Mu, and with it comes tremendous magical power.

Circle of Thorns Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Guide: We have the wizard's child.
Ice Thorn Caster: Soon his blood will be spilt for our salvation as well.

Combat Start:

Guide: Don't interfere, fool!
Ice Thorn Caster: Did the little witch call for help?

Fiona and her Captors Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Agony Mage: Fiona Kal! Your blood, body, and soul are now MINE!
Fiona: Ah! Let me go you creeps!
Blade Prince: Do it already, fulfill your people's vow, wizard!

Combat Start:

Fiona: Oh no! It's Character!
Blade Prince: Amusing.
Blade Prince: This puny mortal believes he / she can challenge me!

Upon "Rescue":

Fiona: What? You mean... You aren't working with them? You're here to rescue me?

Contact Small Fiona.jpg


Thanks for rescuing me, Character... I think. I thought you were seriously bad news though.

  • Rescue you? No, I'm here to kidnap you myself.
Fiona's eyes widen as she realizes that you are serious.
"What? Why? Why is everyone after me all of a sudden?"
  • The Circle would have sacrificed you, I just need you for leverage.
Fiona quirks a brow.
Leverage? For what?
  • Leverage over your father. Cooperate and you'll get to see him again.
Fiona rolls her eyes and throws her hands up.
First he leaves mom and I, and now what? He owes you money or something? Way to go dad, you deadbeat.
  • Money, no. Deadbeat, maybe. Powerful wizard, definitely.
Fiona blinks.
Wizard? What are you talking about? Is this some sort of sick joke? Is dad here? Dad?! Get out here and show yourself, coward...
  • I don't have time for daddy issues. (Knock Fiona out)
Fiona's eyes roll back in her head and she collapses like a sack of potatoes.
  • (Take Fiona and Leave.)
  • I AM bad news. You could scream, but nobody is alive to hear you.
Fiona's eyes widen in terror and she opens her mouth to scream, but all that comes out is a pathetic little squeak. She faints on the spot.
  • (Take Fiona and leave)
  • It would be best if you came along quietly.
Quietly? Where are you taking me?
  • Somewhere safe where your father cannot find you.
Fiona laughs cynically.
Good one.
Listen, as far as I can tell, my father isn't even looking for me. I don't need to go anywhere special for him to keep forgetting I even exist.
  • Oh, I assure you, he'll come looking for you soon.
Fiona eyes you tepidly and she bites her lower lip.
Why are you so interested in him not finding me?
  • Because we both want something from him.
Fiona rolls her eyes again.
I'm not so sure about that... but I'll come with you, if just to inconvenience him.
  • (Leave with Fiona)


After securing Fiona back at your lair you head back to the University and find the place crawling with Midnighters. Mortimer Kal is certain to be worried about his estranged daughter now. The time has come to apply leverage against the old wizard.

Confront the Wizard, Mortimer Kal

Unnecessary Solicitation

Now that you have Fiona Kal, Mortimer Kal will easily be manipulated into aiding you in your quest for incarnate power!

Mission Objective(s)

Contact Small Mortimer Kal.jpg
Mortimer Kal


Mortimer Kal nods to you in recognition.

A fellow Midnighter, hmmm? I'm afraid I don't have much time to talk with you, I have many things which require my full attention... Important things...

  • Like discussing your daughter's whereabouts?

Mortimer Kal furrows his troubled brow and narrows his eyes upon you.

You would dare such villainy? Against a fellow Midnighter?!

  • Relax, I just need to ensure your co-operation.

'Mortimer keeps his steely eyes locked on you and then looks away over the water.

You obviously hold all of the cards here, Character, so we'll play your game, for now.

How may I be of assistance?

  • (Explain your desire for Incarnate power)

Mortimer nods as you explain your quest to gain Incarnate power.

I know of a way, but this is no easy path you set out upon. You were wise to seek my help to secure this power you seek. I will help you, all I ask for in return is my daughter safely returned to me and to never be bothered by you again.

  • First, the information, then you'll get your daughter back.

Mortimer's eyes smile at your shrewd dealing, impressed but displeased that you remember you have the negotiating advantage here.

Very well. Though I cannot trust you I would have you know that you can trust me. I hope that that truth is enough to see the safe return of my daughter.

But I warn you. If she is not, then I WILL see you in hell. That you can count on, Character.

The power you seek is the Flames of Prometheus. The legendary fire gifted upon man to grant him the power of reasoning, the power to defy the will of the gods themselves, and the super powers that make you the terror you are today. It is a spark of divinity itself, and it is in the hands of a man who embodies everything the flame stands for; man's triumph over the universe around him.

  • I'm not in the mood for riddles, who is it?

Mortimer smiles at you and then his smile falls into a scowl as he snarls forth a name.

Positron. Such a brilliant man has never been such a fool in the history of mankind. He wastes this power, containing it within his lab, ignored or forgotten. It is an unfinished hobby pushed off to the side in favor of more pressing matters. What can be more pressing than to tap into the power of the gods?

Bah! Fool.

  • It sounds like you have no love of the man.

Mortimer raises his brows in internal debate and then speaks

Don't get me wrong. Dr. Keyes is a good and pure man, he is just incredibly short sighted, even blinded at times. I cannot stand for those who are blind to their own potential. They are thieves of the human race. Their ignorance and lack of initiative costs us all in the advancement and learning of our species.

I had plans to retrieve the Flames of Prometheus myself, but it would seem that another, more enterprising individual, is going to beat me to it...

Mortimer Kal looks at you and smirks.

  • Work with me and we shall both have what we want.

Mortimer nods at your suggestion.

Ensure my daughter's safe return and I shall assist you in claiming the Flames of Prometheus. She is all that I care for anymore in this world. Do this for me, and the Flames will be yours. This is my promise, this is my vow.

  • Agree to the terms (Leave)