Game updates/2019-08-12

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Heya folks!

I didn’t want to keep this exclusively to the Discord announcement, so to cut to the chase…

Supergroup Base Updates

  • Corrected an issue that was causing ~1600ms latency in supergroup bases.

As outlined in my previous #rebirth-development:dev-corner post, Game Update 2: What's on the Radar 4, one of my top priorities has been alleviating the lag that’s been plaguing our supergroup bases since, frankly, for as long as we’ve had supergroup bases on Rebirth (Volume 2). I mentioned in that post that the issue was a high enough priority problem that a fix may be pushed ahead of Game Update 2, and as of tonight’s maintenance that issue is fully behind us!

I know this was a short post, but it’s an important one all the same. Thanks for being patient with us while we tracked down the source of this bug.

Rebirth Wiki Notes

  • Build: v2i1 Game Update 1