Target name (Slash Command)

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Slash Command

/target_name string

Change your current target to any entity matching name specified. This command was added in Issue 7.

target_name will target any enemy, player, or object which has string as its name or as part of its name, as long as it is within targeting range and within your field of view.


Some examples of use are:

  • To help in badge hunting
    • /target_name Spirit -- targets Spirit of Death, Spirit of Desire, Spirit of Pain, or Spirit of Sorrow if you are hunting Banished Pantheon spirit masks.
  • Hamidon Raids
    • /target_name targeter -- to keep track of the targeter without having to click on them.
    • /target_name singu to find a pet to target off of if you lose sight of Hamidon.
  • Finding glowies
    • /target_name bomb -- to find a bomb glowie, as long as "bomb" is part of its name.
  • To quickly target a specific player who may not be on your team.