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Lost Worders Enforcer
Zone First Ward
Coordinates (1803, 79, -2467)
Level Range 20-29
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge Dregs.png Dregs
V badge DUST.png D.U.S.T.
Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls
V badge ExMidnighter.png Midnight Masters
V badge Shepherds.png Shepherds
V badge Awakened.png The Awakened
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Vickers is a Praetorian contact in the Eltentown neighborhood of First Ward at coordinates (1803, 79, -2467).  His level range is 20-29. Vickers will offer missions to characters of any alignment.

Notes: Vickers is an endless source of missions.


Contact Introduced By

  • None

Contact Introduces

  • None


Lost Worder Enforcer

Vickers, or just Vic, is a long time resident of the First Ward. The lessons he learned the hard way are now common knowledge to the Last Worders and Vickers is constantly seeing to the safety and wellbeing of those in the compound. He has nothing but enmity for the Dregs and D.U.S.T. soldiers who make the gumbo their hunting ground, and the innocents their prey.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact



  • It never does get dull around here.
  • There's only one thing I really miss; cold beer.

Too Busy

Boy / Girl, you've got too much to think about already for me to saddle you up with another job. Besides, I want this one done in a timely fashion, so go take care of your other tasks and come back later. I got some others that can handle this bit of business until then.

Too Low Level

Missing Too Low Level Dialogue

Too High Level

You're gonna have to give me a minute to ponder some. I ain't used to having nothing left to do around here. Let me sit a spell and I'll come up with somethin' that needs doin'.

No More Missions



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