Transformation Capsule

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Transformation Capsule.jpg


Transformation Capsules are objects which will spawn an Equinox Parasite every few seconds. No experience is given for any Parasites created by the capsule. The capsule is not considered destroyed until all the Parasites it has spawned have also been destroyed.

FireTrap FireImps.png Chamber Summon
Vampyri will continue to be generated from this chamber until it is destroyed.


The power description has a grammatical error, reading 'until is destroyed' rather than 'until it is destroyed'.


The vampyri are the very pinnacle of the Council's super soldier program. The final stages of the process are carried out within these crypt-like chambers, where a complex cocktail of hormones and mutagens are fed to the prospective vampyri intravenously. Though some fatalities inevitably occur, the resulting super soldiers are more than enough to make up for the loss.