The Seed of Hamidon

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The Seed of Hamidon

The Seed of Hamidon is a Giant Monster and zone event in First Ward. It patrols the skies around Sunken City, deploying Seedlings in its wake as it attempts to recolonize the area as a Devouring Earth colony. It is up to you and your team or League to undermine the Seed's defenses and bring it down.

The Seed of Hamidon event is designed for 8 or more players.


The Seed of Hamidon can be seen from miles away, spreading the Hamidon infestation throughout the Sunken City. The Seed surrounds itself with a thick cloud of spores and uses its Seedlings to manipulate their properties, giving it massive powers of control over everything in its vicinity.

Refer to The Seed of Hamidon within Devouring Earth for a list of its Powers.

Zone Event Details

When the event timer starts, the following instructions will pop up on your screen:

Near the end of the fight:


As the Seed of Hamidon floats around the zone, it will spawn Seedlings of various types to support it. Seedlings are Bosses in and of themselves, and many have some outrageous capabilities and should be handled with care. The following types of Seedlings will appear during the event:

A Bulwark Seedling

For each Seedling defeated, members of the team will receive a Buoyant Membrane temporary power:

DayJob Flight.png Buoyant Membrane Toggle: Group Fly
The remnants of the Seedling's cytoplasm coat your body in a lighter-than-air substance, allowing you to fly until the membrane fully evaporates. Defeat more Seedlings to increase the duration on this power!

Defeating enough seedlings within or near the Seed's sphere will lower the Seed's debuffs and resilience, allowing the group to defeat it.


Completion of the Seed of Hamidon event will award players with 5 Reward Merits, the Germinator Terminator badge and the Devourer temporary power:

File:Badge defeat seedofhamidon.png Germinator Terminator

The Praetorian Hamidon should know by now that sending one colonizing Seed isn't enough to retake First Ward. You dread the day it does... You have taken down the Seed of Hamidon to earn this badge.

Temporary XPBoost.png Devourer +15% XP/INF Gain
By helping to defeat the Seed of Hamidon, you have proven yourself a Devourer of fearsome monstrosities. As you defeat more creatures, you will earn an additional 15% XP and INF for 30 minutes.

Additionally, players who defeat one of each type of auxiliary Seedling (not necessarily during the same event; Malignant and Tellurian Seedlings are not required) will earn the Full Spectrum badge:

File:Badge defeat burrspectrum.png Full Spectrum

The Seedlings come in all sorts of pretty colors and make a satisfying 'pop' when squished. If they weren't murderous devastating corrupting beasts intent on your annihilation, you might consider one as a pet. You have defeated one of each variety of Seedling spawned by the Seed of Hamidon to earn this badge.

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