Stolen Explosives

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Stolen Explosives
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

(IMPORTANT: This object aggroes on any players who come too close, despite being Hidden or Invisible and explodes after a short while. If that happens, the group of nearby Scrapyarders will aggro on the player as well, so don't get too close if you are ghosting the mission!)


Stolen explosives appear on the mission Catch Agent Sampson from Operative Vargas. It has a faction of Explosive, the Hit Points of a Minion of the same level, and can't move or defend itself; it will have some Scrapyarders near guarding it, however. It is destructable, and any NPC or Villain caught in its blast may be subjected to one of the following effect:

FireBlast Inferno.png Medium Explosion Disorient
The explosion has left you Disoriented


These explosives are highly unstable.


This is what the nearby Scrapyarders say when the item is found:

Scrapyarder miner 1: We'll really be able to put the hurt on Cage Consortium with all of these explosives we stole.
Scrapyarder miner 2: As long as some villanous maniac doesen't come along and blow them up.


Scrapyarder miner 1: Don't let Character near the explosives!