Rikti Equipment

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Rikti Equipment


Rikti Equipment appears on the mission Accept mission to destroy Rikti equipment from Borea (levels 35 - 50). There are three of them in the mission and they will have some Rikti guards around. It can't move, nor has any attacks, nor any special abilities or effects. It has slightly less hit points than a Lieutenant of the same level. It's under "Barrels and Crates" faction, it is destructible, and lacks any powers or special effects.


The guards talk among them while guarding the crates. The following can be overheard when you get close to the rikti equipment:

Before combat:

Rikti soldier 1: Guard Duty: Lacks Honor.
Rikti Soldier 2: Profound Realization: You Complain.

Combat start:

Rikti soldier 1: Now This: More Like It.


The contents of this crate must be destroyed!


There is currently a bug for players with particular graphics cards where the box appears with random/"psychadelic" colours. An example of which is below:

Bugged Rikti Equipment