Mission:The Vahzilok Plague - Eliminate the diseased Vahzilok and collect samples

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Eliminate the diseased Vahzilok and collect samples


We had people all over the city scanning Vahzilok, but you got the best results. Based on your data, we think we've discovered where the diseased zombies are coming from! No surprises here; those walking disease factories have been hanging out in the most unhygienic place they could find: the sewers. I need you to eliminate the diseased Vahzilok and collect some samples of their tissue and blood.

Mission Acceptance

Get back to me as soon as you can, Character, and watch out for a Vahzilok they call the Boss Name. He's as nasty as they come.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I need those blood and tissue samples to keep this investigation on track.

Mission Objective(s)

On the way here, you passed some kids playing kick-the-can. They have no idea that the Vahzilok infection could soon be ripping through their neighborhoods like a forest fire.

  • Eliminate all diseased Vahzilok
    • Find disease sample

You have located pure samples of the Vahzilok disease.

Icon clue generic.png
Vahzilok blood sample
These vials of foul-smelling, black blood should help determine the nature of the virulent Vahzilok contagion.


  • The boss name can vary. Possiblities are Cutter, Doctor, Surgeon and Vivisector.


Badge villain vahzilok.png Vahzilok

Notable NPCs

Vahzilok Boss 

Before Combat: No one can be allowed to interfere: do you understand?
Combat Start: These witless heroes for example!


Great work, Character! These samples are the disease in it's pure form. With these, we're sure to find an antidote. I'll get tests run on them immediately.