Mikey the Ear

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Mikey the Ear
Mikey the Ear.jpg
Mikey the Ear
Zone Port Oakes
Coordinates (-223, 98, 1119)
Level Range 5-15
Introduced By == Level 5-8 ==
Doctor Creed
Introduces == Level 5-9 ==
Mr. Bocor
Billie Heck
Angelo Vendetti
== Level 10-14 ==
The Radio
Enemy Groups

V badge Security.png Security Guards
V badge Mook.png Mooks
V badge Hero.png Paragon Heroes

V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
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Mikey the Ear is a villain contact in Port Oakes at coordinates (-223, 98, 1119).


Contact Introduced By


  • You do not have to be introduced to Mikey the Ear in order to start accepting missions from him. Therefore, you are not required to finish Mongoose or Doctor Creed's missions to progress in the game. Upon entering Port Oakes for the first time, characters are assigned either Mikey the Ear or Drea the Hook; based on which contact you chose before leaving Breakout, the broker assigned to you will appear on your minimap.

Contact Introduces

Multiple contact options
I hear some of my other friends would like to meet you.
Single contact option
+++ Missing Information +++

Level 5-9

Have you met Mr. Bocor yet? Almost everyone on Port Oakes knows him, or at least knows of him. According to rumor, he's an immensely powerful Vodoun sorcerer. I'd stay on his good side, if I were you. Mr. Bocor can be a powerful ally.

Mr. Bocor may not seem like a threat. But there's more to him than meets the eye.

There's someone you might want to meet. His name is Billie Heck, and word is that he does some work for the Family from time to time.

Billie comes off as a bit of a weasel, but he might have some work for you if you need it.

Angelo Vendetti is a man with a very dangerous family grudge. Rumors say his family were ousted from the Italian crime families when the Council came to power, after being deceived into helping them by the Center, the Council's mysterious leader. Arachnos and the Council have a long history of hostility, so the local authorities look the other way when Vendetti recruits people for his personal war.

Vendetti's the kind of guy who's too driven to cheat you. But keep an eye out. He could get you into a lot of trouble.

Level 10-14

They say that there's a strange radio here in Port Oakes. According to rumors, sometimes a mysterious voice will speak through it, talking about great opportunities for those in the know.

I know it sounds weird, but the rumors say that those who listen to what that Radio have to say can find great rewards.



Mikey has put his big ears to use. It's said he hears everything going on in Port Oakes. Some think he might even have mutant powers.

Wrong Broker

You sure you're looking for me? Maybe you want Drea the Hook instead.

Too Low Level

I deal mostly with the big boys around here. Come back when you're Threat Level 5 and I'll be happy to tell you everything I hear.

Initial contact

It's an honor to meet you, Character. I'm Mikey the Ear. Snitch extraordinaire. When you've made a name for yourself, I'll let you in on some big jobs. I mean really big... like robbing banks in Paragon City big. I'll let you know when by putting a secret code in the Rogue Isle Protector. Look for it while you're planning your schemes and we'll make some serious moola together. Capiche?

Also, I ain't the only guy out there who has stuff for you to do... pulling off these jobs will get you introduced to some contacts who have some more specific stuff to do, and there's even guys just hangin' around the Rogue Isles who will just give you jobs if they think you are up to snuff.

Performing a set number of Newspaper missions will get you a Mayhem Mission, where you rob a bank in Paragon City. After that you will earn a contact in this zone if any are available in your level range. In addition, there are some contacts (NPCS with yellow rings around their feet) that simply require you have a particular badge before they will issue their missions to you. Click on any NPC you see with a yellow ring to see if they have any jobs for you to do.


Sorry, friend. I ain't heard nothin' you'd be interested in.

Now that you've been introduced to your Broker, you can start scanning the Rogue Isles Protector, the local newspaper, for things going on in your current zone. You can then act on one of your 'Schemes' by selecting it from the newspaper, listed under your Contacts.

After every 3 successful Schemes, your Broker will tip you off to Heists and other special missions, then introduce you to new Contacts with stories and missions of their own.

Too Busy

I hear you got enough goin' on right now, Character. Keep checkin' back though. I'll have something big for you eventually.


Template:Mission:Broker - Rob Atlas Park bank Template:Mission:Broker - Rob Kings Row bank

Removed missions

These missions are no longer offered by this contact, but are instead occasionally available through the newspaper.

Retrieve Blackbeard's Treasure


You've heard of Blackbeard's Tavern, right? Sure you have. Everyone on this stupid island has heard of the place. What they probably haven't heard is that Blackbeard's Tavern has a sweet little secret. They're holding onto a portion of Blackbeard's treasure. Not the whole thing, mind you. Just enough to set one person up for life. I need you to find that treasure.

It's a little bit of history. Keep it safe.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find Blackbeard's treasure

Clue: Portion of Blackbeard's treasure

A handful of gold coins, a diadem, and an emerald necklace the size of your fist. Not bad for a day's haul.


Quite a haul. I think I know where we can dispose of this stuff. It's payday for you and me!

Steal High Roller's Gems


You've done some good work for me, and I think you deserve a shot at something special. I happen to know that a high roller recently arrived at Larry's Tiki Lounge, and she asked for the house to hold onto her valuables. Ergo, there's a safe in there with some serious gems. Want to grab 'em?

Lady Luck is fixing to smile on both of us.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Grab Gems

Clue: The high roller's gems

A lady ought to know better to trust Larry to care for her valuables. You've made off with a number of rings, a ruby brooch, and a diamond necklace worth at least a hundred grand.


Good work, good work. I've got a fence we can move this stuff through. As for you, I can tell you're set for the big time. Why don't I introduce you around?

Rob the Hook and Anchor


The Hook and Anchor's been having a great week. Gamblers have been walking in with piles of cash, and walking out with nothing but the shirts on their backs. Sometimes not even with those! So you know where the money is, don't you? Right there in the Hook and Anchor house safe. Go get it.

Let's break the bank.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Rob the Hook and Anchor


Nice. Plenty of cash to go around. You know, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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